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Lee Harvey Oswald was working for the CIA through a CIA Front/Partner. After the failed Castro assassination attempt using cancer pathogens which thawed out in flight (Mary's Monkey) and returning from the USSR, Oswald was worried about his position. He knew they were planning something. The CIA under the directives of a plan by George Bush decided to get rid of Oswald as he knew too much. SO now you know Oswald did not kill Kennedy. He was shot by Secret Service and a Cop under the direction of George Bush who was in town on the day on "oil company business". The CIA (George Bush and HL Hunt) killed Kennedy because the Israelis wanted Nukes and there was no way Kennedy was going to give them nukes. - JAR2 Research

Complete Annihilation: What Will Happen if NATO Attacks Russia

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NEW 01-26-2022 US Chemical Warfare Questions


Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Meeting with Government members

Meeting with representatives of Italian business community

On January 27, the President will visit the Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery

Greetings to the 9th National Congress of Agricultural Cooperatives

Совещание с членами Правительства

Встреча с представителями деловых кругов Италии

27 января Президент посетит Пискарёвское мемориальное кладбище

Censored Dystopian New World Order News

Unknown Space Object Beaming Out Radio Signals Every 18 Minutes Remains a Mystery

Женщина пошла спать и забыла 20 лет жизни

Israeli settlers continue their rampage in the occupied territories, attack a Palestinian family, commuters

Anti-Vaccine Protests LARGEST in Human History — "Over 31 Million Worldwide" — Getting Bigger by the Day

Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed

Search conducted at Anglo-American school in Moscow in case of ex-US Embassy employee

Russia proposes US returns American nuclear weapons from NATO countries stateside

Russian MFA says Croatia, if it pulls troops from NATO, won’t violate its commitments

Three Russian reporters detained near border in Rostov region — source

Europe unable to pursue independent policy as long as it’s bound by NATO ties — Medvedev

United Russia’s initiative on arms supplies to Donbass means problem is critical — Kremlin

US gives no positive reply on inadmissibility of NATO expansion, says Lavrov

United Russia awaiting response from Putin on weapons supply bid to Donbass, says Kremlin

Washington’s threat of possible departure of Russian Ambassador from US serious — Kremlin

Putin honors victims of Siege of Leningrad at Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery

Kremlin needs time to analyze US-NATO responses to Russia’s security proposals

Medvedev convinced Russia won’t be unplugged from SWIFT

My Anglo-American School Research - 2019

Fogel, Fogle - LULZ

В англо-американской школе в Москве прошли обыски по делу Марка Фогеля

Раскрыты подробности расследования дела о контрабанде наркотиков экс-дипломатом США

Russia not unnerved by sanctions, not even by US’ much-touted ‘sanctions from hell’

Moscow will not delay reaction to West’s responses to security proposals — Kremlin

Kremlin says US, NATO shrugged off Russia’s view of security guarantees

West wants to erase heroic deeds of Soviet people, says speaker

Beijing appreciates Lavrov’s remarks about Russian-Chinese relations

Russian economy can do without dollar, may be replaced with euro or yuan, says Medvedev

US Embassy Implicated in Drug Smuggling - CIA Links?

Criminal case opened against US Embassy ex-employee for drug smuggling

China urges US to react seriously to Russia’s security concerns

Russian Northern Fleet’s troops kick off drills with Arctic task force

Ukraine became toy in US’, NATO’s hands, used for pressure on Russia — official

US created unfavorable background for further talks on strategic weapons — official

Talk about Russian bases in Latin America causing global tensions — Medvedev

Russia’s security guarantee documents are ‘definite, but not hawkish’ — Medvedev

The Empire of Lies and Genocide Closing in on Russia

NATO fails to keep its ‘non-expansion’ promise and closes in on Russian borders — Medvedev

Russia’s Su-35S fighter jets deployed in Belarus for upcoming drills — ministry

British defense chief confirms plans to meet with Russian counterpart Shoigu

Kremlin says US, NATO shrugged off Russia’s view of security guarantees

Florida Doctor: Families Sneak Ivermectin To Loved Ones In Hospitals With COVID-19, See Improvement

Revolution! One Million People Marching To Ottawa To Demand PM Trudeau’s Resignation

Inequality Kills - Evidence Against the Instatiable Cannibal Elites

As the Pandemic Devastates the Poor, the World’s 10 Richest Have Multiplied Their Wealth into Trillions

No Need to Wait for Next generation - COVID Genocide Today

Attorneys Reveal a 300% Increase in Miscarriage and Cancer Following COVID Vaccines in the Military

Illegal World Taekover - We have been saying this for years.

BREAKING: Klaus Schwab Confesses to Criminal World Domination Plan


NEW 01-26-2022 US Chemical Warfare Questions


Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

On January 26 Vladimir Putin will chair meeting with Government members

Meeting with members of Russia’s Olympic team

Meeting with university students to mark Russian Students Day

Greetings to President of People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Prime Minister

On January 26, Vladimir Putin will meet with Italian business leaders

Greetings on opening of Russian-Arab Business Council 13th Meeting

26 января Президент проведёт очередное совещание с членами Правительства
Встреча со спортсменами олимпийской сборной России
Встреча с учащимися вузов по случаю Дня российского студенчества
26 января Владимир Путин встретится с руководителями ведущих итальянских компаний

Censored Dystopian New World Order News

Attorneys Reveal a 300% Increase in Miscarriage and Cancer Following COVID Vaccines in the Military

Russia’s ambassador says US seeks to force him out of country over visa disagreements

German regulator not yet forecasting Nord Stream 2 certification restart — spokesperson

Kiev seeks to remain important for West by inciting military hysteria — expert

US ambassador gives Russian Foreign Ministry US response to Russian security proposals

US ambassador visits Russian Foreign Ministry — TASS

Russia ranked second globally in terms of oil output in November 2021

Ukraine unable to become NATO member — Spanish expert

First Russian Su-35S fighter jet arrives in Belarus for joint drills

West inciting hysteria by evacuating diplomats from Ukraine, says Russian foreign minister

Russia wrapping up talks with neighbors on biolab transparency — Lavrov

Moscow needs to support Donbass by supplying weapons — senator

New Hashtag from JAR2 - #stoltenbergmudak

NATO head has lost touch with reality, it’s hard to take his words seriously — Lavrov

Russia to decisively thwart attempts to paint Russia as Ukrainian conflict side — Lavrov

West seeks to punish Russia, China by sanctions and provocations — top diplomat

Over 20 Russian Black Sea Fleet’s warships deploy to sea for drills

Senior diplomat doubts possibility of reviving Russia’s mission to NATO

US can’t come to grips with Putin’s strong Russia, says top legislator

Russia’s Interior Ministry places brother of blogger Alexey Navalny on wanted list

В Воронеже пьяный американец устроил дебош и избил полицейского

МВД объявило в розыск бывшего координатора штаба Навального Олега Степанова

UK Censors One of World's Best Dystopian Novels on Censorship

UK University Puts Trigger Warning on Orwell’s Novel 1984 Over ‘Explicit Material’

US continues to support terrorists in Syria, Russia says

US occupation continues bombing buildings…QSD militia kidnaps citizens in Hasaka

Unjust Western measures target Syrian people, Patriarch Aphrem II affirms

В одном из районов Алма-Аты ввели режим антитеррористической операции

Euro-Med Monitor Exposes Israeli Siege Brutality in New Report (PHOTOS)

US gives Ukrainian neo-Nazis ‘carte blanche’ for provocations — Russian embassy

Генпрокуратура РФ признала нежелательной деятельность организации WOT Foundation

EU : Israeli settlement expansion, demolitions and evictions are illegal under international law

Постпредство РФ при ООН обвинило США в попытках сдержать Россию

Россиянам назвали порядок действий при обыске жилья

США пригрозили Белоруссии из-за ситуации вокруг Украины

Northern Sea Route may take up to 10% of Suez Canal traffic — Rosatom


Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Telephone conversation with President of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez
On January 25, the President will meet with students and Russia’s Olympic team
Meeting with Kamchatka Territory Governor Vladimir Solodov
Телефонный разговор с Президентом Кубы Мигелем Диас-Канелем Бермудесом
25 января Президент встретится со студентами и членами олимпийской сборной России
Встреча с губернатором Камчатского края Владимиром Солодовым

Censored Dystopian New World Order News

Россия обвинила США во лжи о ситуации вокруг Украины

DoD & Fauci Caught In Massive Scandal Hiding Death & Damage From COVID Vaccines

Europe won’t receive Russian oil and gas, if Russia disconnected from SWIFT — senator

Russian UN envoy says West uses phantom menace to supply weapons to Ukraine

Moscow warns of consequences for Europe if Russia is cut off from SWIFT

Никто не помог: В Париже насмерть замёрз известный фотограф Рене Робер

A 'Parthogenetic' Conflict - There Is No Russian Invasion Threat To Ukraine



В Госдуме напомнили о праве россиян на бесплатные лекарства от COVID-19

Moscow calls on UK’s Foreign Office to stop engaging in provocations - MFA

Serbia Finally Waking Up to the Global Rockefeller Disease

Вучич обвинил фонд Рокфеллера в спонсировании протестов в Сербии

Навальный внесен в реестр террористов и экстремистов РФМ

Navalny, Sobchak 2.0 Add to Terrorist/Extremist Registry

Кроме Навального в список внесены его ближайшие сторонники, которые ранее стали фигурантами дела об экстремизме. В реестр добавлены Любовь Соболь, юрист Вячеслав Гимади, Георгий Албуров, Руслан Шаведдинов.

Report: Israel Detaining 17 Palestinian Journalists, Media Professionals

Российские дроны-камикадзе поставят на экспорт

If the USA was NOT in Yemen There Would be Peace - Fake News

Biden’s Continuing Shameful Policy Regarding Yemen

Croatia to recall all troops from NATO in case of Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russian Black Sea Fleet, Caspian Flotilla to hold live-fire exercise

Russia, China set to sign lunar station deal soon — envoy

Are Neocons Worried at Pace of US-Russia Talks?


Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan
Телефонный разговор с Премьер-министром Армении Николом Пашиняном

Censored Dystopian New World Order News

CIA Black Site VIOLET for Sale in Lithuania - Guardian Helping CIA

USA/NATO Continuing Dangerous Suicidal Escalation Around Russia

US carrier strike group comes under NATO command in the Mediterranean, 24-Jan.

Ukraine-Russia tensions: NATO moves forces into position around Europe - USA Today

NATO sends fighter jets, ships to Eastern Europe as 'deterrence' against Russian aggression

NATO sending ships, jets to Eastern Europe | TheHill

Want to Kill Innocent People with Impunity? IDF, USPD, CIA, NATO

Israeli Soldiers Will Not Be Prosecuted after Death of Elderly American Palestinian

They Destroyed the USSR but they get Russian Passports - And We?

Kremlin confirms Reagan’s ex-adviser Suzanne Massie granted Russian citizenship

Donetsk Republic head confirms US Javelin anti-tank missiles present in Donbass

В НАТО объявили о крупных военных учениях в Средиземноморье

Genocidal USA Commits Genocides/Massacres Against Peoples

U.S commits massacres against peoples, Gharibabadi affirms

US occupation bombs building of the Euphrates University Branch’s Presidency in Hasaka

USA WWIII Lunatics Still Running the Show in the Shadows

Secretary of State Blinken refuses to rule out U.S. military involvement in Ukraine

Putin takes measures to ensure Russia’s security at proper level — Kremlin spokesman

Russian military cannot ignore NATO’s activity in Europe, says Kremlin

USA Fake News Not Ustainable Online - Zakharova

West using legacy media, official resources more often to spread disinfo, says diplomat

Russia expects separate response on security proposals from NATO — Kremlin

Australia and Japan Join USA in Abandoning the Ukraine

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs urges its citizens to leave Ukraine

МИД Японии повысил уровень опасности поездок в Украину

Толстой: Российская делегация готова покинуть сессию ПАСЕ в случае ущемления прав

Ukraine, Lithuania file motion to challenge Russia’s PACE delegation powers

Russian Baltic Fleet corvettes embark on long-distance deployment

USA Now Officially a Dystopian 4th World Tyrannical Police State

As DoJ Forms ‘Domestic Terror Unit’, US Army Begins Guerilla Training to Battle American ‘Freedom Fighters’

Let’s Call Sanctions What They Are: War

Chinese-Russian relations to flourish regardless of Western slander, Beijing assures

Burkina Faso leader detained amid military mutiny — Reuters

Powerful Tornado-S multiple rocket launchers to arrive for Russian troops this year

Ka-52 attack helicopters to enter service with Russia’s Central Military Command

As DoJ Forms ‘Domestic Terror Unit’, US Army Begins Guerilla Training to Battle American ‘Freedom Fighters’


Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Совещание с постоянными членами Совета Безопасности

Телефонный разговор с Президентом Финляндии Саули Ниинистё

Встреча с мэром Москвы Сергеем Собяниным

Заседание комиссии Госсовета по направлению «Здравоохранение»

Встреча с Президентом Ирана Сейедом Эбрахимом Раиси

Телефонный разговор с Президентом Никарагуа Даниэлем Ортегой

Censored Dystopian New World Order News

US Embassy Orders Evacuation Of Non-Essential Staff & Diplomats' Family Members From Ukraine

Venezuela ready to offer military help to Russia if relations with US exacerbate - envoy

Deployment of Russian military bases to Venezuela impossible under its constitution -envoy

Precursor to War

US Dept of State plans to begin evacuation of US embassy staff from Kiev on Jan 24 - TV

Silencing the Genocided: They Never Stop Doing the Same Thing

How Israel’s ‘Facebook Law’ Plans To Control All Palestinian Content Online

Remember that Empty Apollo 12 Module? We Do - LULZ

US denies visa to Russian cosmonaut planning to train in US

Founder of The Infraud Organization hacking group arrested in Moscow - source

Germany Has No Interest in Secretly Supporting Nazi Junta in UA

Germany blocks Estonia's arms supplies to Ukraine - paper

USA/NATO Wants Russia to Enter into Another Secret Conspiracy

Washington asks Russia to keep US response on security guarantees secret - paper

Zelensky commented on a possible evacuation of US diplomats from Ukraine - CNN

Plane with US weapons arrives in Kiev, US Embassy says

Oh Sorry, It was Just the Flu.

England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions

Ukrainian expert describes Blinken’s briefing as ‘pathetic babble’

Baikonur head plans to lift terror alert on Monday - Roscosmos

Serbian president’s assassination was plotted in February - premier

11/8/21 Lawyers in 9/11 Case Seek Evidence of CIA Interrogators' Psychological “Scars”

11/5/21 Some Sept. 11 Trial Secrets May Not Be Secrets Anymore

UNRWA Condemns Israel’s Demolitions in Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood


Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Телефонный разговор с Президентом Венесуэлы Николасом Мадуро

Встреча с мэром Москвы Сергеем Собяниным

Минтимер Шаймиев награждён орденом Святого апостола Андрея Первозванного

Censored Dystopian New World Order News

Issue of Belarus’ military security highly relevant — Defense Minister

US Special Forces Continue Mission Training Troops In Ukraine

МВД Сербии сообщило о готовящемся покушении на президента Вучича

Кадыров пригрозил семье бывшего чеченского судьи местом в тюрьме или под землей

EcoHealth Alliance Is A ‘CIA Front Organization’ - "COVID-19 is the biggest intelligence failure since 9/11"

USA Lap Dog Canada Not a Concern for Russia

Russia not concerned about Canada’s sanctions over Ukraine, ambassador says

Fake Lying Genocidal USA Switching the Flip on Everything

US Secretary of State insists Russia rejected initiatives on building positive relations

Rabid Dog USA/NATO Forthing at the Mouth for War With Russia

At least one Russian soldier crossing Ukrainian border to be perceived as attack - Blinken

US Lawmaker Mark Pocan Slams Israel for Forcefully Evicting Sheikh Jarrah Family

No comment on Communists’ idea of recognizing DPR, LPR before Duma’s verdict — Kremlin

Russian troops receive over 5,000 advanced weapon systems in 2021 — defense chief

Russian sub live-fires Kalibr cruise missile from submerged position in Sea of Japan

Republic of Crimea to run flights to Syria

President al-Assad: western pressures on Russia come in reaction to its important role

Provocations against Russia unacceptable, Venezuelan President tells Putin

Russia-NATO Council operation was not restored - envoy

UN impressed by speed of CSTO deployment in Kazakhstan - Assistant Secretary General

Declassified video shows US drone strike on civilians

Brzezinski becomes US ambassador to Poland

Prince Andrew’s ex says Clinton, Epstein were ‘like brothers’

Pfizer-backed CDC Foundation partnered with Facebook to fund social media tactics to increase "vaccine uptake"

Russian 'False Flag' In Ukraine Story Emerged After CIA Director Secretly Visited Kiev

False Flags Suddenly No Longer A Crazy Conspiracy Theory

5 военных мер России против включения в состав НАТО Украины

Footage Released Showing US Military Slaughtering Entire Innocent Family, Mostly Children

MIT-Educated Doctor Stripped of License, Forced to Undergo Psych Eval for Prescribing Ivermectin

Ron Paul, Congressman of 30 Years, Banned on Facebook After Quoting Pfizer CEO

Horrifying Video Shows Cops Respond to Barking Complaint By Killing 8-Month Old Puppy

3 Cops Arrested for Shooting 25 Rounds into Crowd of Innocent People, Killing 8yo Girl

80% of All US Dollars in Existence Have Been Printed in Just the Last Two Years

Russia Set for Complete Ban on Cryptocurrencies


Kremlin News Directly from the Kremlin

Censored Dystopian New World Order News

Russian troops redeploy to Belarus in Union State’s snap combat readiness inspection

Israeli Pegasus Spyware Found on Prominent Human Rights Activists’ Phones in Bahrain, Jordan

Syria, Crimea to enhance economic, trade cooperation


Significant Updates to CIA Fronts Page

The Hidden Secrets of Water

Forced inoculation violates established medical standards governing experimentation on human subjects. - Nuremburg Code

Нюрнбергский кодекс раскрывает преступления Гейтса и Фаучи Принудительная вакцинация нарушает установленные медицинские стандарты, регулирующие эксперименты над людьми. - Нюрнбергский кодекс
Nuremberg Code Exposes The Crimes Of Gates And Fauci

В Роспотребнадзоре ответили на вопрос, что грозит петербуржцам старше 60 за отказ от обязательной вакцинации

Report: Police Forcibly Vaxxed African Americans in Georgia

Quebec Becomes First Canadian Province To Introduce Vaccine Passports

Elon Musk Neuralink Rival Cleared by FDA to Test Brain Chip in Humans

Australia Has Fallen

Shock Experiment: Americans Sign Petition to ARREST and JAIL Unvaccinated

Mass Murdering NY Gov. Announces Criminal Plan to Force Covid-19 Injections

Thousands of Pakistanis Line Up for Vaccine After Gov’t Shuts Down Cell Service for Unvaccinated

These US cities, government agencies haveimplemented COVID-19 vaccine mandates

На Камчатке ввели обязательную вакцинацию от COVID-19 для части граждан

Italians Hit the Streets to Protest Mandatory Vaccine Passports

Forced Vaccinations in France Bring Both Repression and Protest

Caught! CDC Deletes Thousands Of COVID Vaccine Deaths

Spain’s Top Court Rules That COVID Measures Are Unconstitutional


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911/ASTEROIDS Chief Architect and Inter-Agency Puppet Master Dead

‘Merciless War Criminal’ and Ex-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Dead at 88


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06-19-2021- Russia Report 8: On Presidents, Puppets, Asylees, the CIA, MOCKINGBIRD and the Return of a Sovereign Russia

Russia Report 8: On Presidents, Puppets, Asylees, the CIA, MOCKINGBIRD and the Return of a Sovereign Russia

04-06-2021 Quantum Destabilization

03-16-2021 The Cabal: What’s Really Going On

The Cabal: What's Really Going On...

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12-16 Sanctions, Russia and the New World Order

Sanctions, Russia and the New World Order

12-15-20 The Corporation and WWIII

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Russia and the Phony Human Rights Defenders

Russia and the Phony Human Rights Defenders

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The End is Near: Causality and the Destruction of Timelines

The End is Near, for Whom the Bell Tolls

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Vladimir Putin - 75th Anniversary of Great Victory Shared Responsibility to History and Our Future


75th Anniversary: Shared Responsibility to History and our Future President of Russia


The Real History of the Great Patriotic War - World War II

Always Remember, Never Forget Russia's Victory Over the Nazi Scourge

Operation Archive and the Disposal of hitler's Remains


Nulands Nazis and the Destruction of Ukraine First Edition

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#FSB #SVR #GRU New CIA Operatives Exposed: John Pommershein, John Ordway, Garret Harries, Judy Kuo, Ilire Agimi, William Moser and their Puppet Mukhatar Ablyazov - Operation Kazakh Uranium

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07-13-2021 Meet CIA Assassination Front CTU Security and CIA

Venezuelan Agent Antonio Enmanuel Intriago Valera

Former Canadian Embassy Worker Arrested In Haiti Assassination Worked For Shadowy Security Firm

Haiti Arrests ‘Florida Doctor’ as Alleged Mastermind in President’s Murder

West turns blind eye to US private military firm’s hand in Haiti assassination — diplomat

MSM Obfuscating for CIA as Usual - New Assassination Inc Front

Suspected Assassins of Haitian President Moïse Trained by US, Linked to Pro-Coup Oligarchy

06-22-21 Google + USAID = Coronavirus

REVEALED: Google & USAID Funded Wuhan Collaborator Peter Daszak's Virus Experiments For Over A Decade

Files/CORONAVIRUS/Google/Evidence-for-henipavirus-spillover-into-human-populations-in-Africa.pdf Files/CORONAVIRUS/Google/Lee-etal_Macacine-Herpesvirus_2015.pdf


06-10-21 Yandex Blocks Russian UN File

On CIA/NATO Government Overthrow of the Ukraine 



FBI Report Supports the Reults of My Investigation: ASTEROIDS Hit



05-07-21 FSB Releases Secret KGB Docs



05-08-2021 Remember Those Chemtrails?

Evidence for Tribunal - CORONAVIRUS WORDLWIDE

04-30-21 Linux Security Tools 4 teh LULZ

04-20-21 Anti-Gravitational Patent 5280864


04-16-21 Case Against Corona Panic


04-06-21 Maxwell Superceding Indictment

Ghislaine Maxwell Superceding Indictment

A Sends - Banksters Enslave Ireland


02-25-2021 THURSDAY

CIA Color Revolution Specialist McFaul and CIA Agent Freedom

Former US Ambassador Claims He Never Met Navalny but Unearthed Photo Shows Otherwise

02-06-2021 SATURDAY

VIDEO25 Gelatin


02-04-2021 THURSDAY

BOOOOOOOM - 911 and WTC Demolition - Swiss

DOMINION-Failed Texas Forensic

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Latest 02-03 (01-27-21) Guiffre VS Maxwell


02-01-2021 WEDNESDAY

02-01-2021 FSB Surveillance Video

FBK Director Vladimir Ashurkov and MI6 Officer James William

Thomas Ford Discussing Millions in Financing in 2012 - FSB Video

02-01-2021 MONDAY

Maidan Tactic Employed in USA by Pentagon  


Fitness OSINT Spying


Solarwinds Spying Court Procedures


Rationalizing Big Tech Coup


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American Indian Music


01-16-2021 SATURDAY

Pedo Joe Inauguration Threat Assessment


Last Ditch Kushner Billion Dollar Real Estate Scam



911 - CIA/MI6/MOSSAD Terror

Doha Station Burned

CTU Security - CIA Front

CIA Controller/Agent Burned



COVID Op - Burned

Pfizer Maims and Murders

Belarus CIA/CR Exposed


In January We Posted the Statement Below. Today Lukashenko Says the Same


Pedo Joe Inauguration



USSR Women Spies 05-07-21




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Vladimir Putin - 75th Anniversary of Great Victory Shared Responsibility to History and Our Future


75th Anniversary: Shared Responsibility to History and our Future President of Russia


The Real History of the Great Patriotic War - World War II

Always Remember, Never Forget Russia's Victory Over the Nazi Scourge

Operation Archive and the Disposal of hitler's Remains


Nulands Nazis and the Destruction of Ukraine First Edition

The Most Important Event in Russia in 25 Years

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112121 SITE NEWS - JAR2 is Now on DUAL IPs

25 Years of Hell - 11-26-2021

25 Years of Hell - 11-26-2021



For the racists who continue to believe it is okay to kill me.

The genocide of the Indigenous population of the United States of America and their "territories" has never stopped. Today that genocide is being carried out with Covid, through digitization and subversive methods manipulating everything from economic instruments to the provision of electricity. As with the more visible Arab and African genocides where the Corporation has literally bombed their countries in the Middle Ages, the USA keeps the Indigenous populations isolated and deprived of the most basic needs in the modern world. With me it is a document, at the beginning it was my salary to support my children. We can not forget that it was in fact IBM whose original plan of a database of unwanted Jews who refused to move to Palestine exposed their real working, so it is no coincidence the Eugenicist Bill Gates is now on the forefront of the modern vaccine genocide of non-white peoples, including and most importantly of course Indigenous populations which the Queen of England and the same Nazi freaks who gave the planet Hitler want wiped from the Earth.

The history with Dr. Cornelius Rhodes in Puerto Rico should have been investigated further but of course with the investigative bodies under the control of the Corporation this never happened as all other investigations have never happened, 911, the Russia Project, Ukraine etc. The takeaway from the Rhodes letters for the majority was that a US army doctor was a racist bent on exterminating Puerto Ricans. Yes on the surface this was true. However the real takeaway should have been that it was the CIA behind Rhodes and that he was just obeying the orders in his chain of command fulfilling the plan of the genocide of the Indigenous population of Boriken in order to keep it in line with the fabricated reality that the US Government put forward that the Taino were extinct and it is an obvious take away that perhaps only an Indigenous person can see, that it is the CIA (sharp end of the stick) responsible for the current genocides in the Middles East and Eastern Europe and the genocide of Russians that was hidden by the 1990s "Date with America" that Russians are very well aware of.

Thus we come to the final real hardcore and true hidden reason for the existence of JAR2 and why some little Puerto Rican kid has been exposing the CIA for decades in the Russian Federation on an "unknown" site and why it is a resource that must be protected. Did you miss the point? Am I being too cryptic? Sorry. The Russia Project (and we could generalize this as "Westernization" in general) is a project to carry out the genocide of the Russian people ala "thinkers" like "Aryan" Rand, as are all of the genocides in the Middle East and in Palestine, all a continuation of the American Indian genocides. These "projects" are handled by the CIA and the "Intelligence" agencies of the FVEY countries. Yes an Anglo-Saxon takeover of the world for the Queen sans the Vatican whose cut they want to take. And what my dear reader is the best way to protect yourselves (be you an individual, an organization, a state or a country) from a secret genocide? That's easy. By exposing the genociders, in other words the agents and instruments of the genociders. In other words exposing the CIA. Now, had I come out 20 years ago and said "the USA/NATO/CIA wants to kill all Russians like they killed all Indians, no one would have listened! Now with the Covid (DNA virus) GENOcide and the obvious ongoing genocide in the Donbass, for that is what it is in reality, perhaps people will understand the real reason I have posted things like CIA Agent lists on my site. To identify and thus protect the world from genocidal lunatics.

Linguistically Russia has a loopback language (like those of the Indigenous people of the Americas) and thus Russians are programmatically more fit to survive in harmony with nature and the world as are the Chinese and Arabs, whereas the Anglo Saxon rigid linear linguistic programming does not interact with the future (or the past) or the reality of the world in the same way but makes the Anglo thinker rigid in their programmatically contrived views of the world where truth and the future not important and which makes them unconsciously attempt to force their contrived reality on nature and the world we ALL live in. (more on this later)

25 Years of Hell - 11-26-2021

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Stop US Wars? Answer: IMF/WB Monies Forbidden to Pay USA

Request for Photographs of CIA/MI6 Mercenaries in the Ukraine Request for material for publication!!! Payment possible!!!

Message to all!!! We really need photos of foreigners, mercenaries, military specialists, PMC employees present on the territory of the

Ukraine, especially in the Donbass!!! For Current Article.

Очень прошу всех!! Очень нужны фото иностранцев, наёмников, военных специалистов, сотрудников ЧВК, присутствующих на территории Украины, особенно на Донбасс!!! Для статей!

+7-901-718-8391 - Keep the Photographs Coming!

Updates to 25 Year Anniversary Expose (Notes/Letter)

For Friends and Readers of JAR2 and My Stalkers

CIA Editorial Policy for Investigative Journalists and Independent Media

12-10-21 Secret Pfizer Report: 90 Days 1,233 Dead


VIDEO25 New Expedition, Photos + Drone Footage

Yaisk, Rostov, Azov, Novaya Shakhtinsk, The Sea of Azov

Murmansk, Kirovsk, Teriburka, Revda, Lovozero, Barents Sea

New Drone Videos on JAR2.ORG -

VIDEO25 Murmansk, Russia - Eternal Flame Monument

VIDEO25 Teriberka, Russia (Teaser)

VIDEO25 Proliv, Russia

VIDEO25 Yaisk, Russia

New URL "It's" Coming Soon

JAR2 Continues to Be Censored on

Completely Inactive YouTube Channel - Unbelievable

Murmansk Expedition - Photo Gallery Number One Published

VIDEO25 Drone Videos on JAR2 Org

Video 2: Lovozero - In the Clouds - 360 Degree Aerial View

Near Lovozero

Murmansk Region, Russian Federation

Video near Lovozero

Direct Link:

FULL HD Download:

Video 1: Kirovsk - Storm Level Gusting Winds 21ms (Extreme Flying)

Mount Aikuaivenchorr 1,075 meters

Mount Aikuaivenchorr

Kirovsk, Murmansk Region, Russian Federation

Video of from top of Mount Aikuaivenchorr

Direct Link:

FULL HD Download:

Working Hard to Publish New Content Just for You + Free Downloads

New Expeditions Page on JAR2 - The Jackals Are Circling

New Expeditions Page on JAR2

New Expedition: Into the Polar Zone and Beyond

14, 2020 Abandonded ABM Site Re-Visited (Published 082021)

April 14, 2020 Abandonded ABM Site Re-Visited

New Video: Eternal Flame Monument

Crimean Bridge Film Making Expedition Photo Gallery +

Crimean Bridge Photo Gallery Published in August 2021

Crimean Bridge Film Making Expedition Photo Gallery

Ильинское, калужская область, малоярославецкий район

Ильинское, калужская область, малоярославецкий район

VIDEO25 Art Park Nikola Lenivits - New Drone Footage

NEW Running Blackouts to FVEY/USA/UK/AU/SW/CA

Permanent Blackouts to Israel, the Ukraine and Others


NEW JAR2 Expeditions

JAR2 Expeditions

Art Park Nikola Lenivits - Photographs and Drone Footage

Ильинское, калужская область, малоярославецкий район

NEW JAR2.ORG is Now Drone Central

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VIDEO25 GOPRO Video M2 Tulskaya Oblast

VIDEO25 First Released Drone Video

Expedition - The Ghost Town of Glubokovsky


English and More
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VIDEO25 Documentary Film from JAR2: The Crimean Bridge

NOTE: The Crimean Bridge and the Historic Creation of a Reunifying Terra Link. An Open Road and Unlimited Possibilities for the Future. We Have Completed Our 18th Crimean Expedition. In the film you will find history, facts and more. Low Resolution Release - Full HD Broadcast Quality Copy Available 25 Gbs The Full Span of the Crimean Bridge in Super HD Filmed from Outside of Vehicle. Free Download - Super HD Version Available to Supporters and Media. 

A Film By JAR2 - Release Date December 22, 2019

First Film Release


VIDEO25 New Video on Moscow Protests

RoblesTiny The Voice of Russia Files: Once Upon a Time There Was Truth!

The Only Partial VOR Archive in the World + JAR2's Articles, Research and Files

RoblesTiny 1995 and New Encrypted Insurance Files

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The CIA List  The CIA Fronts List   Gina Haspel DOX
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The NSA, MOSSAD, Illuminati, FBI, DHS, SBU/Right Sector, PSIA and INSA

    The MOSSAD Lists     The Illuminati List     The FBI_List     The DHS List

Ukraine ATO Rights Sector and SBU Lists     The PSIA List     The INSA Spies List


02.28.2020 Operation RUBICON-THESARUS: CIA/NSA/BND/Swiss

Op Snow Den and Omidyar: the Mass Murderer of Donbass

 10.10.19 Nuland's Nazis feeling the Steele of their trap - Ivona et al

09.28.19 NSA Goes from FVEY (5 Eyes) to 14 EYES (YanDecks)

09.19.19 The Russia Report 5th Edition - Trump Dossier

Fusion GPS/MI6/MOSSAD/CIA/NSA Applebaum/Steele Completely Exposed

A Deep State Asset Describes How a Burned MI6 Agent Tried to Get Even With Russia

Exposing the CIA/MI6 5th Column in Russia: Navalny/Kisilev et al

Exposing Nuclear/Biological Genocide Projects Against Russia


Exposing Secret US/UK Military Installations

WORLDWIDE_US_Military_Installations          SECRET_UK_MILITARY_SPY_LOCATIONS          UK_Secret_Bases_Docs

GRU Indictment a Fake WikiLeaks/DNC/ASIS/CIA/Cabal Exposed



CIA Cambridge Analytica Global Election Meddling Exposed

New NSA/MOSSAD Cyber Operations and Infrastructure Exposed

AS53667/PONYNET, Level(3) LLC, CenturyLink uCommand and More

NSA FILES ON JAR2The 2nd Genocide Based Construct

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