25 Years of US Gang Stalking of Whistleblower and Asylee
When I first started this Blog it was supposed to be simply a way to
commincate with
friends and family and anyone who was interested in life in Russia. What it turned into
was a public record of attacks, stalking, threats and the destruction of my family and I.
It was only recently that I myself realized that what is detailed herein is organzied
Gang Stalking by Intelligence Agencies who will never forget I published agent lists
and exposed thousands of their agents. Other than revoking my citizenship, attempting
to have me arrested twice on false charges here in Russia, paying for and organizing
the arrest of my son here in Russia and making threats against me and my family, what
they have done has mostly been covert and falls into the realm of palusible deniability.
Yes I am an enemy of the USA and Western States and being thus I am a real Targeted
Individual. Not by radio waves or esoteric technology but by Covert Black Operations ala
FBI COINTELPRO. This is my Blog and this was my life. - JAR2 June 22, 2020

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The truth is an extremely dangerous thing to some.  

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09-10-2001: John: I am in New York, I am at the WTC. Answer: Where exactly?


.: 9-11: An Inside Job :.


PNAC=9-11/Endless War



Intro: The real blog of real asylees. This is the only voice we have! 

Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее. Коррупция угроза для безопастности страна! Не будь рабом коррупции!

What you are reading is a partial public record of illegal organized MI6, CIA and FBI Gang Stalking and targetting of the first American with asylum in the Russian Federation. Everything here should cause outrage but is ignored by the global MOCKINGBIRD media.

John is a journalist and a staunch critic of the US Government and the CIA who has exposed tens of thousands of Western Agents facilitating the creation of WikiLeaks and the Snow Den Operation in order to protect the US Government and the Zionist entity from having to answer for their crimes, chiefly and first-and-foremost the False Flag Attack that was 9/11.

The Zionist controlled United Nations and all "Western" international humanitarian and legal bodies intentionally ignore John's struggle but he is certain that in the end the truth will win.

For security concerns many of the previous pages of this blog have been removed from public access. but will be placed back on-line soon.

The fact that you have never heard of John or his family is a testament to the racist nature of all international bodies responsible for protecting Asylees, journalists and whistleblowers.

Although Russia has given John and his family asylum no public figure will ever admit to our existence or our plight and unfortunately his family failed to be protected. Only the People's Republic of China has admitted that John is a whistleblower.

Although John has had asylum since 2007 and he was the lead announcer at the Voice of Russia World Service in English as well as an investigative journalist and lead announcer representing the Russian World, CIA Avatar Edward Greenberg is "the asylee" even though Snowden has never had asylum in Russia he is the only American the international bodies and Russia choose to pay attention to which has allowed for the targetting and the destruction of the Robles family detailed on this blog.

As an American Indian with Spanish blood and a Representative of the Confederacy of Indian Nations John has attempted to establish ties with the Russian Government for the Nations but has also been largely ignored by Spain, the 9/11 Truth Movement and activists of every kind. No matter what John has stuck to his convictions and again knows that in the end TRUTH will win.

Please support the site and John's fight.  - Thank You

Update: Just to be clear it is the Chabad Lubavich CIA/MI6 controlled and installed mafia in Moscow that John came up against. They have infiltrated the Russian Government and the Russian World under the label of "Liberalism". Since they control the media, much of the judiciary and the government they are able to get away with almost anything. This is the hidden, secret and most dangerous threat to Russian National Security in existence but we are certain these New World Order Zionist mafia lunatics will be stopped. - Thanks

Update Two: Everything on this blog is clear evidence of ongoing Psychological Operations against John and his family and being a thousand times worse than what Hawkins has been through should have been condemned long ago by the United Nations given John's official asylum status, but the United Nations has been quiet on the Robles Family since day one. This is understandable as in their own words they are controlled by the USA. Simply not being allowed to see his children and having his son imprisoned constitutes torture and this is just a small part of what John is being put through.

We have asked the Russian authorites to protect John and his family and guarantee their basic human rights to be free from persecution and simply be allowed to live normal lives like all other Russians, but they continue to try to ignore his family's plight and continue to refuse to grant them citizenship even though John has two daughters who are Muscovites and has served the Russian State and President Putin for decades. Every request is simply ignored like the one below from 2016. When the real level of John's contribution to the Russian State is known it will be more than scandalous.

 Insurance Files 22 Years: We told you: "JUST DIE ALREADY!"

Password Protected: Password to be released upon my death or other extreme event





 11.15.2019 Message Delivered for JAR3 - Now We Wait



 08.27.2019 Message from JAR3


Message from JAR3 After Almost 5 Years Rotting in a Russian Prison

07.15 Free JAR3 - VOR Insurance Files Released in Full



November 2019 Special in the Works - I Repeat I Will Not Be Your Victim Any More


As a journalist it is my responsibility to inform. You want transparency therefore this is for Kasa**** and Molod****** as you refuse to allow us to normalize our status and simply give our 2010 petitions for citizenship to the Presidential Commission. 12 years languishing with no action must be a record! Your attempts at keeping the killing of my family secret are duly noted.

November 28, 2019 - It is time to stop being diplomatic and skirting around issues in the interests of my own security. I do not care anymore nor do I feel an obligation to protect the identities of scum who have for years gleefully watched as their attempts to dirty me and my reputation take place on a daily basis as they slander me around the world. This includes the CIA asskissing group of Americans who make social media posts and write letters to the Russian Government with outrageous claims against me and my family. In particular an individual who knows almost nothing about me yet has the nerve to claim in letters to the Russian Government that I am CIA. Yes Jeff you sick little worm, I am talking about you! And Mike and Tony and Pavel and the lot of you. I have exposed more CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and other agents than any site in history including WikiLeaks and Cryptome and have done more investigative work exposing the CIA and 9/11 than any one single journalist in the world, but where is the recognition? My work stands for itself and your claims are laughed at and ignored and you are marked as an enemy by everyone you write to. You have no idea who you are really attacking and in reality that is a good thing.

Why can I not call myself an investigative journalist and a publisher when that is exactly what I am? Why am I not credited for exposing all of the crimes of the CIA and the US Government that I have exposed? For the sole reason that blonde blue-eyed Assange was created to distract and takeover the role of an asylee for the MOCKINGBIRD sycophants, RACSIM.

As I enter yet another day of mourning on Thankstaking I can no longer skirt around the issue of RACISM because that is the real problem I am faced with and one which I can in no way change. I can not change the color of my skin anymore than I can change the rotation of the Earth or the passing of time.

I once again published very serious information regarding my asylum and what has been done to my family and my son in all of the material below and the HASBARA f@cktards like Israel Shamir start running with the Distractor Operation Assange again even though the Rothschild puppet is supposedly in prison where they want him. This time they are attempting to say the MOSSAD/CIA/Clinton asset is being slowly killed and tortured. This same crap they have been saying for years, making it the longest running homicide in world history if you believe their bull puckey for even a nano-second. Any one with even half a brain knows that if you are really a threat like Epstein was you get whacked instantly if they get you where they can eliminate you, or you get placed in an endless limbo of terror and uncertainty as I have living with asylum for over 12 years now, in an Orwellian hell where any attempt at normalizing my status and being granted citizenship is blocked at every turn by sycophants, literally CIA agents, America lovers and corrupt and ignorant officials scared of not being granted a visa or for their relatives living in America. 

Again I want to add that that the information below is vitally important and in fact I published it all at the very real and present risk to my life. This includes the information that I was given regarding the 12 million rubles stolen from the Russian Government by the American Visa possessing dean of the University where I worked and which was taken out of Russia by the same individual and her assistant during the past summer.

Within the next few weeks I will be exposong everything I have been in through in the past 24 years as a refugee and it will be damning for the United Nations, the United States, the CIA, MI6 and every single person and entity in Russia that has participated in the literal destruction of my family and I. 



November 22, 2019 - “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

After being called in for another "secret interrogation" for reasons of my own security I am forced to take this measure.


Present Day Conditions for Asylum Seekers in Russia
The conditions for asylum seekers in Russia are generally very poor. Asylum seekers in Russia typically have to wait years to receive a decision from the FMS. During that time, they are typically living without proper legal documents – making it nearly impossible for them to find a job outside of the local food markets. According to the United Nations, until recognized as refugees by the state, asylum seekers cannot enjoy such rights as "legal employment, healthcare, housing assistance and social benefits" - and even the right to register marriages and births.[12]

Asylum seekers in Russia are constantly in friction with the police. Amnesty International states that "asylum seekers are often harassed and ill-treated by law enforcement officers who feel they can abuse such people with impunity". Amnesty International has received persistent reports of asylum-seekers from outside the territory of the former Soviet Union having their identity papers destroyed by police and being subjected to police harassment in the form of extortion, beatings and general intimidation. Many have been subjected to police raids or intimidated into leaving their homes.[13]

Xenophobia, a fear or hatred of foreigners, is another problem that confronts asylum seekers and refugees.[14] Xenophobia is of particular concern to those that look different than the local community. Such groups include specifically: Africans, Afghans, Iraqis, and Tajiks. There are many occurrences of asylum seekers being beaten by local gangs.[15] In fact, some asylum seekers do not even report attacks for fear of police harassment, since many do not have official status.

Absence of legal documents resulting in problems with housing, employment, and health care, as well as ongoing harassment from the police make it extremely difficult for asylum seekers stressfully waiting for refugee status determination.

Local Integration

According to the Law on Refugees, Government recognized refugees can apply for citizenship. Nevertheless, there are significant legal obstacles for their acquisition of citizenship due to the restrictive registration system, which required proof of adequate income. Local integration, though typically desirable, is an unrealistic goal for most asylum seekers as the Russian government does not recognize the UN mandated refugees.

1996 and 2007 Registered as Refugees With the United Nations - UNHCR After the United States Revoked my US Citizenship - Officially the UN stated we could NOT get asylum because we were from the USA and the UN is under US control


2008 After an Official Signed Renunciation of US Citizenship Before the Russian Government We Were Granted Ayslum

My school was taken in an illegal raid in 2008 and I was sold for $25 000

Various FMS/MVD Officials have told me that I will never get citizenship as a refugee even though Article 8 point 14 of the law on refugees says I have the right to apply and did in fact apply in 2010. Our applications were left to just rot and never forwarded to the commission on citizenship.


Local Integration


According to the Law on Refugees, Government recognized refugees can apply for citizenship. Nevertheless, there are significant legal obstacles for their acquisition of citizenship due to the restrictive registration system, which required proof of adequate income. Local integration, though typically desirable, is an unrealistic goal for most asylum seekers as the Russian government does not recognize the UN mandated refugees.

We also have the right to file for citizenship under the 2019 Russian Law on Citizenship: Article 13, Point 2, Sections б and в


Because of the law on registration we were only able to file for citizenship in 2010 after another official signed renunciation of US citizenship before the Russian Government

Septemeber 2011

Septemeber 2011 Our petitions for citizenship will be looked at immediately

April 2012 Our petitons for citzenship "are being looked at"

May 2012 The Voice of Russia and I expose Michael McFaul's $680 000 000 military takeover of Russia offer and his attempt at a Color Revolution in Russia under the Bolotnaya Square Case.

SECRET! He attempts to have me arrested and deported TWICE.

SECRET! July 2012 Dmitry Kisilev in whose office I was poisoned attends a Clinton/CIA International Security Leadership Program

SECRET! While the Lead Announcer for the Voice of Russia and after Snowden arrived there was an order from above that no one with asylum could receive citizenship. July 2013 Snowden exposes the NSA to protect the CIA and their Black Operations Communications and begins his shadow work to have me and my family eliminated from Russia and returned to the USA.

SECRET! December 2013 Dmitry Kisilev and Margarita Semonyan convince President Putin that the Sovereign Global Broadcaster of the Russian Federation which was listened to by over 480 million people is a broken piece of Soviet propaganda and must be liquidated. Me and 2,500 pople are fired and then I am poisoned and my son is arrested on fabricated narcotics charges.

Official statement saying that our petitions for citzenship were not forwarded to the commission and simply returned without reason or explanation. This is totally outrageous. This was told to me by phone by Valentina Kazakova herself after I met with her in her office with the Chairman of the Voice of Russia World Service. The answer she wrote about then in 2016 does not exist.

2014 New Asylum Document

SECRET! Son's First arrest which we proved was fabricated. January 13/14 2014

September 2014 censored by CIA installed "Content Editors". Receive direct threat of fabricated criminal case from assistant editor Sergey Sayenko.

Once Again Meet Samuel McCulloch the CIA Editor at Sputnik

I was targetted for my journalistic work

July 07, 2015 Second arrest of my son which was supposed to lead to my suicide.

Catch 22 RVP - November 2019


They have been pushing me for years to give up asylum and get residency. A few weeks ago I was informed that I can not get residency because I do not have a valid passport. Since the USA revoked my citizenship and passport in 2007 and I have not been granted any other passport that literally places me and my children in a catch 22 where the only escape is death. Wonderfully done.

Eliminating Asylees - Secret Evidence, Interrogations, Firings and Deportations: The Secret Racist

Killing of the Entire Robles Family - My Entire Family Were Granted Asylum in Russia, Not Just Me


When I received asylum in the Russian Federation I was promised by my controller that I would be granted citizenship in a few weeks. That was 12 years ago. I have fought and struggled for over 12 years to simply normalize my status and the status of my children for more than a decade now. To normalize our status it would have simply been enough to grant us Russian Passports for which we officially applied for in 2010 and which were being given away like candy to every washed up boxer and has been Hollywood action star like candy.

Our entire struggle with asylum and against the targetting of the CIA and the US Government had been over-shadowed by the Limited Hangout Operations involving Assange and Snowden which on racist grounds and in order to hide the crimes of the United States Government involving me and my children were used to distract and program the global audience to ignore and view us as marginalized unimportant individuals.

 MVD is not behind the killing of my family.

 President Putin and the Presidential Administration is not behind the killing of my family.

The FSB is not behind the killing of my family.

So who is behind the killing of my family?

The Judiciary under the Corporation of the Russian Federation? Not likely as they should know the law and follow it as we do.


The Ministry of Justice knows I was targetted by the CIA and the US Embassy as is evidenced by the "Extremist" material finding below. They also know that Michael McFaul tried to have me deported twice by making false and outrageous claims after I exposed his attempt at an armed coup and the Bolotnaya Color Revolution attempt. So why is it not suspicious to anyone that my son, who was framed under 228 once and beat it, was framed TWICE and lost? For any investigator this would be an egregious failure to carry out their function and ignore. Why? We are viewed as refugees with NO RIGHTS and disposable. I disagree. We are not "DISPOSABLE".

My article was about the main enemy of Russia and the world. The CIA run USAID. It has nothing to do with the bribes paid to corrupt officials in the ROC by the CIA. They outed themselves.




Коновалов Александр Владимирович (Министр юстиции Российской Федерации)

Next letter will have to be to the Honorable Mr Konovalov.

We know they use doubles so it is strange that there is ANOTHER Dimitry Kisilev (not the Mason who fired us from the Russian media and in whose office I was poisoned).

Since we reported the widespread corruption in Lubertsy and the narco-mafia inside the police it is stunning that the Ministry of Justice has no interest in such a criminal grouping which has literally killed or destroyed hundreds of inncoent people and in my case carried out a Black Operation against my son on the orders of the CIA and MI6. The only question for me is WHO? Name and patronym needed. 



Note: ALL of these so called human rights bodies have refused to help us in over 12 years of living as stateless refugees in the Russian Federation. They are ALL US controlled bodies, including the UNHCR which is the supposed guarantor of rights for individuals in our sitiuation. The UN screams about Rothschild puppet Assange but never a word about the entire Robles family. Disgusting really.

Under International Law Asylum Carries With It Serious Responsibilites


Corruption and demanding bribes for citizenship and passports, CIA/MI6 paid and controlled dirty police using narcotics to frame and destroy innocent people, taking orders from the CIA and US Embassy and now a cover up, intimidation and the disposal of material witnesses who can expose the entire racket. That is the reality and that is a disease here in Russia. If I die mysteriously it was not an accident.

Коррупция и требующие взяток за гражданство и паспорта, ЦРУ / МИ-6 платило и контролировало грязную полицию, используя наркотики, чтобы подставить и уничтожать невинных людей, принимая приказы ЦРУ и посольства США, а теперь прикрытие, запугивание и распоряжение материальными свидетелями, которые могут разоблачить вся ракетка. Это реальность, и это болезнь здесь, в России. Если я умру, загадочно это было не случайно.

Denial of Right to Employment: Another Illegal Termination

"By law we have to fire you." - Those were the words spoken to me when my employment was terminated at the Federal Consortium of Biological Institutions called Pushgeni where I had opened the first English course taught by a native speaker in any Federal Institution in the Russian Federation, a fact only appreicated by me. The only problem is that this is a lie and in fact against the law. However that did not stop them. Under what law? Under the law on registration? Perhaps but under international law and even Russian law ridding a person of their only source of income is a violation of law and the Convention on Human Rights. It is the same as denying a person the right to food or water or any other necessary sustenance which is not only a violation of basic human rights but a violation of the very Right to Life that is enshrined in international law.

So after 4 years of looking for a job after the liquidation of the Voice of Russia I was simply let go because of the end of my registartation which conicided with the end of the prolongation of my "permanent" asylum document. Which was prolonged on the day that racist US President Donald Trump tweeted "something important has happened". 

Classified as BUMS: Multiple Continued Violations of Parental Rights, Stealing My Car, Slander in the Media, Intimidation and Threats

Continued Covert Targetting: Surprise! After I Used the Yandex Navigator to Test My Theory

Punitive tracking through internet resources: Attempt to create a traffic snarl as a message to MVD and me. They have a million ways to interfere and poke us with little knives and they will do it... Their words not my own... October 19, 2019

The Big Kill 2020: I have information that they are planning to liquidate my entire family in 2020





Spreading lies to my students and clients:

Finally Where is the Money? In 12 years of living as asylees we have never once been given legal, material, social, educational, financial, security or any other type of assistance. Billions of rubles are given for housing and assistance to refugees but the money never reaches us. Where is the money?



Building Bridges or Eliminating the "Untermensch" for the Racist New World Order?

Another "Secret Interrogation"




A Public Record: Warning:  Your Fabricated Cognitive Dissonance at Risk

http://www.jar2.com/Articles/2019/Free_John_Robles_III.html http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Ukraine_ATO_SBU_Leak.html

http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Indigenous.html http://www.jar2.com/Topics/NWO.html


  Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее.

Коррупция угроза  для безопастности страна! Не будь рабом коррупции!  


CONTACT: PGP KEYS  jar2@jar2.com  jar2@list.ru CELL 8-901-718-8391



Bloody Blog

We Have Password PRotected the Blog Because of Our Enemies On-line 

December 01, 2019 - The DCIA and NSA continue monitoring and using the information I post to profile and attack us.

Bolivia and the Indigenous Struggle - We Beg Russia for Help

Evo Morales Wins Election: CIA Orchestrated Military Coup Removes Him From Power

They’re Killing Us Like Dogs: A Massacre in Bolivia and a Plea for Help 

November 24, 2019 - The Corporation is continuing the genocide of our people in Boliva and South America as they also continue the genocides in Yemen, the Ukraine and worldwide. We continue to ask for Russia's support to help our peaceful brothers and sisters.


Bolivia’s Coup Gov’t Targets Alternative Media as Crackdown Turns Increasingly Violent

How Human Rights Watch Whitewashed a Right-Wing Massacre in Bolivia

They’re Killing Us Like Dogs: A Massacre in Bolivia and a Plea for Help

Media Silent as Bolivia’s New Right-Wing Gov’t Massacres Indigenous Protesters





The Doctrine of Discovery Being Revived in the Americas by the CIA Puppet Regimes

The Doctrine of Discovery is the Only "Legal" Basis for the Continued Genocide of Our People

and the Continued Occupation of Turtle Island by Non-Indigenous Forces

We Are Continuing Our Investigative Work (Open Investigations Needing Clarity)

We Welcome Intelligent Truthers and Investigators to Follow Our Massive Work 

November 22, 2019 - After beginning an investigation into financial machinations and illegal hidden cash flows and coming up against a wall of violent opposition to our attempts at gaining information and delivering the information to the relevant investigative bodies, we have decided to continue our work after sorting out the technical aspects regarding the monitoring, surveillance and blocking of our searches. Below are just some of the links we have come across that may be of interest to anyone wishing to continue and or expand on our work. The relevancy and connectivity of the information provided on the links below should be apparent and clear to any analyst. You can help jar2 by taking the time to follow the trails wherever they will lead, my scope has been namely 9/11, CIA Black Operations, MOSSAD and the New World Order Cabal. Miliekowski is out because he became too toxic but he will no doubt continue in the shadows as did Robert Steele. Happy hunting my dear truthers and thank you for the Kisilev files below. We don't bolt and we don't rattle.

Links and resources for further investigation



Links and resources for investigation of CIA financial strings and more. I can not finish this investigation due to its massive nature and the non-interest of the audience. The investigation started with the search for the identity of the CIA's Kremlin mole and ended with Yandex demanding the storing of links to their servers. Here you go Yandex and all Anonymous investigators. Good luck and happy hunting! The end result will expose the ASTEROIDS and the 9/11 conspirators and more. We recommend viewing the cached results.

























































How President Putin's driver was assassinated.

STRING>Nazi Head of Motor Pool>CIA Developed Carjack Software>Yandex Tracking>Audi Secret Embedded Tracking Software and Steering Control Module






NATO/CIA control of media






String: CIA>RAND>Ingersol>Shuster>Historic Family Connections>Clintons>Human Trafficking>Ukraine>Skull and Bones>Washington DC>Federal Government Relations>Properties/Offices in Virginia

Robert Shuster from the Surkov leak - Our conclusion into the investigation of the Surkov leaks is that Surkov may have simply sought legal advice and the CIA sent a plant who sent malware infected e-mails which facilitated the hack of Surkov's e-mails. Surkov was negligent in using a GMAIL account of course. However evidence of darker machinations have not been uncovered, just historic naivety in trusting figures who lie and manipulate to meet their ends. Such as the Alpha Bank and other "wine" connected monied interests. I think if Surkov's security follows the malware stated above he will be redeemed.

The fact that the Surkov leak was used on CIA controlled Twitter and has never been taken down and was designed to dirty Surkov stinks of a CIA Black Operation and should be viewed as such with the figures gaining Surkov's trust as active agents of the CIA, including and first and foremost Robert Shuster.

Robert Shuster






Apollo Six - Moon Landing/Space Program Hoax

СССР первым добрался до модуля. Было пусто - "would have been very uncomfortable for any crew" "ANY CREW" not "was uncomfortable" not "the crew", or "the crew inside". All hypotheticals because NASA knows the module was empty.

MLK Assassination staged to distract from possible reports from the USSR that the module was empty.



You can't be pro-Israeli and pretend to be a truther and seeker of justice Bradley when you ignore the NeoCon/NWO/Illuminati strings.




JAR2 - Message to the "secret" architects: You destroyed my family and I will take your network apart piece by piece.












ASTEROID Caught? - Either a FVEY Central Control Operative or an ASTEROID

For 20 years I have been investigating a group of elite extra-national Black Operations Group known as the ASTEROIDS. They were key in carrying out and synchronizing 9/11, MH-370, MH-17, the Maidan Snipers, Russian Fires, the Saratov crash, the assassination of President Putin's driver, the St Petersburg metro bombing, the assassinations of Russian diplomats, the liquidation of the Voice of Russia,  and on and on. Paul Whelan's multiple FVEY passports and all of the other "accouterments" related to this individual are direct evidence that he is a member of an organization much larger than the CIA.

What is his real mission?

STRING>MI6>CIA>NSA>ASIS>CIS>Agent Lists>Air-Craft Registration Information>Renditions>Clinton>US Marines Snipers>Kremlin Mole>

May have been sent to eliminate target inside Lefortovo or in the Russian Prison Colony where he will eventually be sent. Leak threat related to assassination of President Putin's driver facilitated through the auto parts network for which he was a "security consultant". Attempt to get agent list was just a cover. He planned to get caught. (My version from evidence I have)

Я не проста так ночю вам приехал 








Asylum Year 12: Real Leaks and Real Journalism Are Now a Crime

November 20, 2019 - Half an hour after publishing the article below I see ropes out the window and then there is this:

Я не могу сказать, кто сказал мне это, но это тот, кому я доверяю. Они сказали мне, что существует проблема людей, распространяющих ложь, что если вы будете учиться у меня, вы не получите американскую визу. Это было сказано моим ученикам и людям, которые, кажется, связаны со мной в социальных сетях или в Интернете. Этого никогда не случалось на самом дело и я хотел бы увидеть доказательства такого возмутительного заявления. Это полная ложь. Если посольство США в Москве действительно делает что-то подобное, это НЕЗАКОННО по ЛЮБОМУ закону, и об этом необходимо сообщить. Если у вас есть доказательства таких предупреждений или карательных мер против меня или моей семьи, пожалуйста, отправьте официальное заявление на jar2@jar2.com или в ФСБ или МИД России. Спасибо!

I can not say who told me this but it is someone I trust. They told me that there is the issue of people spreading lies that if you study with me you will not get a US Visa. This has been told to my students and people who appear to be connected to me on social media or the Internet. That has never happened for REAL and I would like to see the proof of such an outrageous claim. This is a complete lie. If the US Embassy in Moscow is actually doing something like this that is ILLEGAL under ANY law and it must be reported. If you have evidence of such warnings or PUNITIVE measures against me or my family please send an official statement to jar2@jar2.com or to the FSB or the Russian Foreign Ministry. Thank you!


Every day is a struggle, a battle and the continuation of a war not of my making. The psychological pressure, from intimidation and every sort of provocation and punitive action from random scum who think they can make some money, improve their chances of getting an American visa or are simply sadistic racist scum who see a person who needs help and in their blind ignorant hate want to drive in the final nail by attempting to damage us further, continues to be the greatest challenge I am faced with every day.

The fact that foreign agents continue to attempt to damage my life here in Russia and continue to attempt to facilitate and aid the CIA and the US Government's targetting, in particular maintaining us in a state of poverty and uncertainty by guaranteeing I have no employment, was driven home the other day by someone whom I trust and who informed me that a foreign based individual warned them about having any contact with me and that it could affect their being granted a US Visa. Not only is this not true but it is a lie being spread by individuals serving the CIA and MI6 who have nothing better to do than brown nose their masters and carry out illegal punitive targetting of a person with asylum.    

Asylum means a person has international protection and the protection of the government granting the asylum for whatever reason. Those reasons are between the individual and the government granting the asylum and are not open or subject to public knowledge by anyone who happens to be "interested". My own asylum would have forever remained a secret had I been able to carry that out, however when attempting to normalize my status it required me to be outed to low level officials who are not privy to the details.  I am against government secrecy when it is used by corrupt and criminal elements to enriched themselves and cover up their own crimes, however secrecy is vital when it comes to protecting real national interests, operations and individuals who may be targetted by foreign powers, intelligence agencies and other foreign actors.

Here is a perfect example which I published on October 22 on VK and then on the 23 on JAR2 but was then forced to take down because I was leaving on the expedition and I feared my apartment would be broken into, set on fire or my servers destroyed. These people's only morality is money. They have no interest in law, country, justice, humanity or morality. Money is their only god and their only master, regardless of who provides it. They illegally terminated my employment "by law" as they called it but as I did not receive a salary since July for this "job" I do not think it was worth even mentioning but it is just one of the little knives I get in the back for having asylum.

Corruption in Africa is Corruption

Due to punitive measures against my asylum and political views, planned and carried out by upper management, I am no longer at PushGeni. I would also ask where is the money? Since I was supposed to get 70% of the earnings of my course it would take a Doctor in Economic Sciences to figure out how 11,000 rubles is 70% of 56,000 rubles. Since July I received 11,000 rubles in salary from PushGeni when I was terminated because my registration finished and in the month of October my students who I found and brought to them paid 56,000 rubles to attend my course. Of that money my 70% was 11,000. As a journalist I was given a load of information about all of the machinations at Pushgeni such as 12 million rubles which recently disappeared into a labyrinth of a conference which was held for free with paid entry and free speakers. But nobody cares about that or that while the Director lives in an elite apartment and drives a Mercedes, Scientists, Teachers, Students and Staff work like slaves and live in poverty and horrendous conditions. Like me. 11,000 rubles in four months! WOW! And I am supposed to be upset about losing that job? It is all such a ridiculous joke! Funny really. In such a small town as this, the corruption of two or three people touches the entire town. That is my official statement. Have a nice day! And the answer to the question: Where is the money? It is in America

Коррупция в Африке коррупция

Из-за карательных мер против моего убежища и политических взглядов, запланированных и осуществленных высшим руководством, я больше не работаю в PushGeni. Я также спросил бы, где деньги? Поскольку я должен был получить 70% от заработка на моем курсе, мне понадобится доктор экономических наук, чтобы понять, как 11 000 рублей - это 70% от 56 000 рублей. С июля я получил 11 000 рублей зарплаты от PushGeni, когда меня уволили, потому что моя регистрация закончилась, и в октябре месяце мои ученики, которых я нашел и привел к ним, заплатили 56 000 рублей за посещение моего курса. Из этих денег мои 70% составляли 11 000. Как журналист, мне дали массу информации обо всех махинациях в Пушгене, таких как 12 миллионов рублей, которые недавно исчезли в лабиринте конференции, которая проводилась бесплатно с платным входом и бесплатными докладчиками. Но никого не волнует то или иное, пока директор живет в элитной квартире и водит «Мерседес», ученые, учителя, студенты и персонал работают как рабы и живут в бедности и ужасных условиях. Как я. 11 000 рублей за четыре месяца! ВАУ! И я должен расстраиваться из-за потери этой работы? Это все такая смешная шутка! Смешно, правда. В таком маленьком городе, как этот, разложение двух или трех человек затрагивает весь город. Это мое официальное заявление. Хорошего дня! И ответ на вопрос: где деньги? Деньги в америке

Freemasonry in Africa is Freemasonry

How much did the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD pay for the liquidation of the Voice of Russia? We could ask Mitrofanov but he is in Croatia or we could ask Dimitry Kisilev but he will not talk to us. Maybe this story will give you an idea.

Before Ukraine started we were exposing the crimes of the CIA and the United States Government at the Voice of Russia and I was embroiled in attempting to stop a color revolution in Russia http://www.jar2.com/VOR/John_Robles_VOR_2012.html meanwhile Dimitry Kisilev was attending a US State Department (CIA) Program on "Security" and "Leadership".  July 23 I wrote about LGBT policies and the Pussy Riot provocation. Which we now know was a direct CIA attempt at causing a color revolution in Russia.


Масонство в Африке масонство

Из лично беседа с Д Кисилев

В мире должно быть только девять голосов я буду один из их.

Вы поддерживаете президента Путина? Вы находитесь в оппозиции здесь.

Я не согласен с президентом Путиным. Он всего лишь бумажный толкатель.

Не должно быть культа личности с Путиным во главе.

Люди будут слушать только меня.

Мы не служим президенту или российскому государству, поэтому это не должно быть отражено в редакционной политике.

Ваша работа - настоящая журналистика. Нам здесь это не нужно. В следующий раз, когда я пришел в его офис, я был отравлен и четыре дня кашлял кровью.

Ты не Еврее так что тебя здесь не чем занятся.

Теперь он делает себя олигархом.

01 мая 2016 г. 12:26Автор: Элиза Павлова


У телеведущего Д. Киселева нашли квартиру за 4,6 млн. долларов

Россиянам стало известно о том, что у телеведущего Дмитрия Киселева есть квартира за 4,6 млн. долларов, благодаря работе хакеров группировки «Шалтай-Болтай». В частности, хакеры вскрыли личную почту телеведущего и прочитали его переписку в мессенджере WhatsApp, сообщают эксперты раздела «Новости России» онлайн-журнала «Биржевой лидер».+

В частности, хакеры взломали два почтовых ящика, один из которых принадлежал самому Дмитрию Киселеву, а второй – его супруге. Как выяснилось, чаще всего Киселев писал письма, связанные с его профессиональной деятельностью. В частности, основной темой обсуждения являлся проект «Россия сегодня». В личных письмах также содержалась информация о финансах как самого телеведущего, так и финансы, связанные с телепроектом ВГТРК.

В некоторых письмах содержалась информация и о финансовом положении Дмитрия Киселева. Так, именно отсюда хакеры узнали, что телеведущий купил элитную площадь размером в 204 кв. м на Цветном бульваре. Эту квартиру он приобрел за 162 миллиона рублей еще в 2014 году.

Проанализировав личную переписку супруги Дмитрия Киеселева, хакеры пришли к выводу, что она покупала готовую дипломную работу, посвященную теме психиатрии. А также приобретала готовые статьи на ту же тему, чтобы опубликовать в специализированных изданиях.
Тем самым хакеры прочитали переписки супругов в период с 2009 по 2016 год.

Впоследствии информацию о наличии квартиры стоимостью в 4,6 млн. долларов подтвердили представители фонда борьбы с коррупцией, который был основан Алексеем Навальным. Так, на официальном сайте организации опубликована фотокопия официальной записи в Росреестре.


Meanwhile not far away the Masons are laughing all the way to the bank as 33 Degree Mason Dimitry Kisilev continues to rise to power and become an oligarch in a country where the spoils had long been divided up as the "journalist" who drives a Brabus tuned S Class Mercedes with plate number O026OO has not only taken over the Russian State media but is now in control of the entire wine sector moving his secret empire into the alchohol sector once run by Russian mafia elements as Chabad Lubavich now expands from narcotics in the Ukraine to the wine cellars of the elites. 

I remember when the Voice of Russia was liquidated and Dmitiry Kisilev ordered that we all write an essay on the Great Patriotic War. Everyone who was historically accurate and factually correct on the Victory of the USSR on the Eastern Front, such as myself was terminated. Never mind that Kisilev has real estate all over Europe and according to director Anatoly Vlasev is a pedophile, he continues to lie to the Russian World and the President of the Russian Federation as he consolidates his wealth and power and has now risen to the level of Oligarch while labelling himself a journalist who in reality facilitated the poisoning of a real journalist, myself, in his own office.

My family and I were destroyed by these monsters but that is not all. Then there is this:

Анатомия Дмитрия Киселева. Что рассказала о телеведущем его взломанная почта


«Анонимный интернационал» заявила

Вчера группа «Анонимный интернационал» заявила, что в ее распоряжении оказалась переписка из электронной почты, а также сообщения WhatsApp телеведущего Дмитрия Киселева. Группа выставила переписку на аукцион со стартовой ценой 33 биткойна, то есть чуть менее $15 000 по текущему курсу. Учитывая, что это значительно меньше месячной зарплаты Киселева, весьма вероятно, что массив будет выкуплен. Однако фрагменты переписки «Анонимный интернационал» уже опубликовал, и из них можно узнать некоторые подробности жизни главного кремлевского пропагандиста. В частности, переписка позволяет оценить масштаб доходов телеведущего, узнать об отчаянной борьбе за снятие санкций и о том, кто консультирует его при подготовке материалов.

Опубликованная часть массива свидетельствует о том, что пропагандистский труд на российском телевидении оплачивается довольно щедро. К примеру в 2014 году Киселев приобрел квартиру площадью 204 кв. м на Цветном бульваре, которая, согласно платежке, оценивается в $4,6 млн.


Yandex Control of the Russian Road Cam Grid for NSA/CIA Appears Thwarted 

Expedition 18: We Completed Over 6,000 Kilometers in 9 Days and Not One Punitive Fine

November 20, 2019 - The fact that that we did not use any on-line Yandex resources during the entire journey proves my thesis that the punitive fines I was getting at locations I was not at and even for vehicles I have no connection to where being orchestrated by the CIA/NSA Yandex enabled teams who are illegally "secretly" tracking and monitoring my movements and on-line activity and attempting to interfere with my asylum and my life in the Russian Federation. These punitive measures added to two attempts by CIA Color Revolution Architect Michael McFaul's attempts to have me imprisoned, his ordered arrest of my son and the ongoing attempts by the CIA to destroy my life, my family and shut down this site have all been carefully documented and sent to the proper Security Services of the Russian Federation. Although the CIA continues to control much of the Russian Government and has hundreds of agents in the Internal Ministry and throughout the Federal Structures with each passing day they are proving more and more impotent in carrying out the operations they are tasked with. The biggest danger to Russian State Security remains corruption and the insatiable appetites of corrupt officials who fraudulently enter public service in order to enrich themselves and the foreign masters that they serve. 

Отчёт по кибербезопасности Российский киберинфраструктуре от JAR2

Как мы прошли 6000 километров и избежали штрафных санкций от Яндекс / ЦРУ? Мы полностью избегали ВСЕХ яндекс-сервисов. Мне очевидна опасность предоставления иностранной корпорации полного доступа к внутренней кибер-инфраструктуре. Надеюсь, это будет понятно и российскому правительству.

I Will Not Be Your "Victim"

November 18th 2019 - The war continues.

18th Expedition Completed - Film in the Works, Updates on JAR2 RU and Here


November 17, 2019 -  Dear Anons: Encrypted connections impossible, TOR is compromised, they want access to everything. I can be contacted through my PGP 6.5.7 which is still safe. Download and make a self-decrypting archive if you have anything, then PGP message me with the LULZ.

Version 6.5.8 the last uncrackable versio


Every action has an equal reaction and the reaction from attempting to free my son is clear and evident from all of the actors who arranged his arrest. There is never smoke without a fire.

Note: At the colony someone mentioned something called "SOL" which is being spread in Crimea.

String: CIA Dark Web Markets - CIA Destabilization Black Operations - CIA Source Clemson Chemistry - Formula JWH-018, 250,317 - John W. Huffman -


The Historic Creation of a Reunifying Land Bridge: A Bright Future for the Republic of Crimea  

November 16, 2019 -  We have returned from our expedition to Crimea completing an almost six thousand kilometer loop - Moscow, Rostov on the Don, Yalta, Sebastopol, Slavyansk on the Kuban, Krasnodar, Mordovia, Ryazan and back to the bunker in the Moscow Region. We filmed about 30 hours of super HD cinema quality video and will be editing and putting it together as the basis for a film we are working on.  

Someone hacked my VK Account. If you got messages from me they were not real.


Attempt to create a traffic snarl as a message to MVD and me. They have a million ways to interfere and poke us with little knives and they will do it... Their words not my own... October 19, 2019

Pulling Ourselves Up by Our Own Bootstraps - Will be back in a few weeks.

November 07, 2019 - Thanks to all of our supporters who have written and sent assistance. We will be taking a much needed break. We finally solved the camera and glasses problems. Will be back with a film for you.)))

Working on Another Investigative Project - The Infilitration of Yandex

AI: The Most Dangerous Threat to Russian Security in the Last Thousand Years - What is So Funny?

November 05, 2019 - Do not see your donations so motivation to continue to risk my life to bring you truth is extremely limited if not non-existent. Nothing insidious going on, just the usual continuous knives in the back and never-ending psychological torture by Liberal Murkha lovers. However my energies are now concentrated in directions where results will be clear. You should be trembling in fear. Have a day! (((

Yandex Now Wants to Get Into Your Pocket at the Pump and Expand Tracking

November 03, 2019 - The Full Spectrum Infiltration of NSA Controlled and Netherlands-based Yandex continues in Russia as the people keep giving more and more to the intrusive corporation. Yandex wants your location all the time.

One Two Three -  The War Continues - I Will Not Be Your "Victim"

Honor Among Thieves and Corrupt CIA Controlled Officials?

The war continues.

As for the US Swamp I warned you all in 2016 that Trump was just another Rothschild puppet but you refused to listen. We have warned you all for over 16 years now:

Because Israel got away with the 9/11 false flag terror operation, will Tel Aviv perpetrate a similar attack to con the USA to invade Iran?

The CIA Backed Clinton/Rothschild Global Crime Cartel continues unimpereded. As evidenced here:

SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG! “Not one prosecution, or even an arrest, of a single swamp creature!”

Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает  надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее. Коррупция угроза для безопастности страна! Не будь рабом коррупции!

Racism as "Nationalism": Skating on the Precipice of a Fascist State

October 29, 2019 - Coming soon to a country near you.

MOSSAD/CIA Agent Simon Elliot and the 10 Second BBG/HASBARA Memory Limit

October 27, 2019 - Simon Elliot killed by "Elite US Forces" for the 6th time.

Коррупция в Африке коррупция PushGeni Illegally Terminates Asylee

October 23, 2019 - What would you do if you lost a job in which you made less than 50 dollars a month?


Happy Birthday to K

October 22, 2019 - Happy Birthday to K

War With FVEY Controlled LiveJournal Takes New Twist

October 21, 2019 - Live Journal unblocked us after we asked them id they were a tool of the US/NATO Military Intelligence Industrail Complex.Let's see how long this lasts. They said they have a problem with the links to my site as "spam" even though I never use Live Journal


We Are Back

October 15 -  We are back at full strength. Warning: All attacks, threats and attempts at intimidation will be recorded and reported.

Framed by WikiLeaks and Assange, Jeremy Hammond's Spirit Not Broken


“As many of you know, I was just a few months from my scheduled release from federal prison when I was unexpectedly dragged in chains and planes to this raggedy detention center in Alexandria, Virginia. I am outraged that the government is threatening additional jail time if I do not cooperate with their grand jury investigation. Their draconian intimidation tactics could never coerce me into betraying my comrades or my principles. In the spirit of resistance and with great contempt for their system, I am choosing silence over freedom.

“I am fully prepared for the consequences of my decision just as I had been each and every time I was faced with similar choices before. Long ago when I realized that government and capitalism were too hopelessly corrupt and unjust to be reformed through legal or electoral means, I chose to engage in civil disobedience and direct action. I knew then that my actions could land me behind bars, yet I fought on anyway; after a dozen arrests and even a prior federal prison sentence for hacking, I chose once again to use my computer skills to attack the systems of the rich and powerful as part of the Anonymous federal case I am doing time for today.

“When I pled guilty, I took responsibility for my actions and my actions alone. I never agreed to be debriefed or testify in any way, unlike the government’s informant Hector Monsegur, aka Sabu, whose reward was one year of probation while I received the maximum sentence allowable by law. It was a painful choice, but ten years in their dungeons was the price I was willing to pay so I could maintain my integrity. I have never regretted my choices the entire time I have been incarcerated, and having seen and experienced first-hand the abuses and inherent injustice of the prison industrial complex, my commitment to revolution and abolition has only become more deeply entrenched.

“Now, after seven and a half years of ‘paying my debt to society,’ the government seeks to punish me further with this vindictive, politically-motivated legal maneuver to delay my release, knowing full well that I would never cooperate with their witch hunt. I am opposed to all grand juries, but I am opposed to this one in particular because it is part of the government’s ongoing war on free speech, journalists, and whistleblowers. I am insulted that those in power claim that I have an ‘obligation that every citizen owes his government’ to testify. As an anarchist, I am not part of their social contract, and do not recognize the legitimacy of their laws and courts. Instead, I believe in a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quote I had taped to the wall of my prison cell for years: ‘One has an obligation to disobey unjust laws.’

“It is difficult to view any of this government’s laws as just when they are so selectively enforced, and when the government turns a blind eye to its own misconduct, misconduct that is on display every day that Trump is in the White House. In my case, the government, through its informant, Sabu, instigated numerous hacks, asking me to break into governments and companies all over the world. Nearly a decade later, this misconduct remains ignored. The NSA continues to surveil everyone and launch cyber attacks. Trump and his corrupt cronies continue to hold the world hostage to their megalomaniacal imperialist pig whims while simultaneously refusing to comply with subpoenas and inquiries into their vicious abuses of power. Meanwhile, Chelsea Manning and I are doing hard time in this dump for the ‘crime’ of refusing to allow our spirits to break, after ‘serving’ our sentences for exposing government and corporate corruption.

“This absurd hypocrisy and desperate ruthlessness reveals a crumbling legal system, a system that has robbed me of the majority of my adult life but could never take my humanity. I will continue to do the right thing, no matter how long it takes. I know how to do time, and I will never be intimidated by their threats. Ever!! I refuse!!”

Thank you to my supporters. I am still here and will be back on-site this week.


October 13 - I will try to update the site this evening if time permits. For those of you hungry for truth the entire Trump Ukraine hype is a carefully orchestrated attempt to bury the real truth about Ukraine, which is that the Clinton Crime Cabal and the US Government under Obama installed a Nazi regime in the Ukraine and Omidyar, Biden, the Kagans and all of the rest got rich off of the blood of the people of the Ukraine and the Donbass. Trump is not an outsider, he is taking care of damage control. He is not a Russian Agent, he is and has been a Rothschild puppet since 1992. Stay away from the mainstream media, they will pollute your soul.

I am deeply entrenched in research that requires me to air gap and radio blind 

October 12 - I am still here working at my comps but I can not get on-line for security reasons until I am done with what I have been working on for the last two weeks now.

Nuland's Nazis Continue Their Toilet Flush to Hell and Are you feeling the Steele of your trap? - LULZ

October 10 - 10 10 20 19 - 1


ASYLUM is NOT a JOKE: Another CIA/American Idiot Threatens to Kill Me Again

The Proper Formulation is Snowden is NOT Robles: Someone Has Lied to President Putin

Убежище-это не шутка: Еще один ЦРУушник/Американский идиот угрожает убить меня

Правильная формулировка Сноудена-это не Роблес: кто-то солгал президенту Путину

October 01, 2019 - One of the core messages of the Snowden and the Assange Limited Hangout Disinformation Operations run by the CIA and MOSSAD after we were granted asylum is to show that the CIA is not actually MURDER INCORPORATED and that the US Government and its billion dollar Security Agencies are inept and in no way a danger to anyone wishing to steal all of the known secrets of the universe in a few lap tops and then simply go to Hong Kong and Russia to go for walks, have his stripper girlfriend come over to get married, and as Snowden has repeated, be totally safe and publish books and the like.

Bradely Dirgo is just the next in an endless stream who writes to me that I am dead.

Yandex has continued targetting us and Live Journal deleted my account because of an article on NATO



In other words asylum is a joke and anyone like me who is in real danger and is being targetted, destroyed and assassinated is simply lying and does not deserve to be taken seriously. As the Russian media says I am not an investigative journalist or a publisher but me and my son are simply bums. That is your 5th column and that is why I have exposed them. They are servants to America and that is treason to Mother Russia.

I filed for Russian citizenship in 2010 and even though I was married and have two daughters who are Muscovites someone in FMS gave an unconstitutional order that no one with asylum can be granted citizenship even though under point 18 of the law on refugees anyone with asylum can file for citizenship.   

Me and my family are in grave danger and the events of the last 5 years have proven that the CIA is the MURDER INORPORATED that kills anyone at will and an insane out of control Intelligence Agency which now has a specialist in torture as its head.

I recently visited the Kremlin and believe in President Putin!

We have not been killed because we must first be tortured to find out most importantly, why we have asylum. 

We filed for citizenship in 2010 and no one has helped us. They put us into an endless loop of bureaucracy and let us quite literally be destroyed there, thus passively serving the CIA by simple inaction.

01 октября 2019 г. - Одно из основных утверждений дезинформационных операций Сноудена и Ассанжа, проводимых ЦРУ и Моссадом после предоставления нам убежища, заключается в том, чтобы показать, что ЦРУ на самом деле не является Корпорация убийств, и что правительство США и его службы безопасности на миллиард долларов неумелы и никоим образом не представляют опасности для тех, кто хочет украсть все известные секреты Вселенной в нескольких ноути, а затем просто отправиться в Гонконг и Россию, чтобы пойти на прогулку, чтобы подруга-стриптизерша приехала и вышла замуж, и, как повторил Сноуден без конечно, быть в полной безопасности и публиковать книги и тому подобное.

Другими словами, убежище-это шутка, и любой, кто, подобно мне, находится в реальной опасности и подвергается нападению, уничтожению и убийству, просто лжет и не заслуживает того, чтобы его воспринимали всерьез. Как пишут российские СМИ под контрол ЦРУ, я не журналист-расследователь и не издатель, а мы с сыном просто БОМЖИ.

Это ваша 5-я колонна, и именно поэтому я разоблачил их. Они-слуги Америки, а это измена Матушке России.

Я подал заявление на получение российского гражданства в 2010 году, и хотя я был женат и имею двух дочерей, которые являются москвичами, кто-то в ФМС дал неконституционный приказ о том, что никто с убежищем не может получить гражданство, хотя в соответствии с пунктом 18 Закона О беженцах любой человек с убежищем может подать заявление на гражданство.

Я и моя семья в серьезной опасности, и события последних 5 лет доказали, что ЦРУ-это Корпорация убийств, которое убивает любого по своему желанию и безумное неконтролируемое разведывательное агентство, которое теперь имеет специалиста по пыткам в качестве его главы.

Мы не были убиты, потому что сначала нас должны подвергнуть пыткам, чтобы выяснить самое главное, почему у нас есть убежище.

Мы подали документы на гражданство в 2010 году, и никто нам не помог. Они загнали нас в бесконечную петлю бюрократии и позволили нас там буквально уничтожить, таким образом пассивно служа ЦРУ простым бездействием.

Another CIA/American Idiot Threatens to Kill Me - LULZ

September 30, 2019 -

Dear readers, I have been very busy with things behind the scenes and I am working on something very important right now which requires almost all my time but we should be back in full force on Wednesday evening. Thank you for visiting and please don't forget about us.

US/NATO Puppets at Live Journal Refuse to Explain Reason for Deleting My Account

September 28, 2019 - Nobody cares and there is no one complaining so the Nazi filth at Live Journal just do what they want. You don't care either you could do a post or write a letter or even mention it. The erasure from history is ongoing, relentless and if you continue to be silent it will be complete. The evil is not unbeatable but your silence makes it possible. It is the silence of the masses that will allows for the eventual enslavement of all mankind. That is not the world I wanted to leave for my children and my children's children.

Infestation (Ficton): Nice Dreams I Have

September 28, 2019 - My head hurt and my legs kept going numb. I had been sitting at my computer for 27 hours straight, looking for a back door. Coding and scanning and watching everything at once. It had been like this for three weeks now. Waiting for a message, searching for a back door into the computer where the files I needed were being kept. My eyes kept going dim and my fingers were going numb but I could not stop until I reached my goal. Every few minutes I could feel one of them crawling up my leg but I was almost getting used to them by now. I had made the mistake of opening the ventilation chutes when spring began and then leaving the place for a week. When I got back they were everywhere. Crawling on the walls, burrowing behind the wallpaper and getting into every nook and cranny and every box of all my things which had been carefully and densely packed away as I had to fit a three bedroom two car garage amount of possessions into a studio apartment.

I had rigged cross beams between book cases and cupboards and there were boxes literally covering most of the ceiling except for the kitchen area. I tried to type and focus on the screens but the broken pieces of the lenses of my glasses that I had tried to super glue together after I had had broken them in a horrendous personal tragedy as I knew I could not buy new ones, afforded little in way of vision. And there I sat, half blind, body starting to shut down and cockroaches crawling up my legs and even onto my fingers as I typed, reading the callous most horrendous fabrications and glib garbage and fawning crocodile tears for the son of a bitch who had put me here. The loved to say that everything that happened to me happened to him, even flippantly throwing out the word torture as he skate boarded around his elite apartment and I looked at the pictures of all of the people he had destroyed or had gotten killed. I could not sleep anymore because if I did I would wake to find the roaches crawling on my face or in my hair or trying get into my ears.

It was all this little prick's fault as he pretended to be a champion of truth and continued to hand over every single person who was interested in him, or trusted him or dared to send him files and information. My blood ran cold every time I saw his name and all I could think of was the imprisonment of my son for a crime he did not commit. Something they did in an attempt to make me kill myself.

I tried not to think of my son in the prison zone, he was worse off than me and turned on Blade Runner 2049 for the three hundredth time. It was my favorite film. His apartment was bigger than mine and he had a job and a mission. I was thrown away and made unemployable for almost the same reason he became hunted, A cockroach crawled up my leg again but I could no longer stay awake. My eyes closed.     

Yandex Spy Keeps Spying

В Госдуме нашли скрытую агитацию в твите посольства США об акции 3 августа

September 26, 2019 - Things have been hectic. I was planning to go somewhere today but someone siphoned all of the gas out of my vehicle and I thought it a no start condition again spending hours going over all of the wiring and systems then determined it was the fuel pump again and took it out and planned on starting repairs and attempting to obtain a new one when, after removing the puimp I noticed that the end of it that should have been in the fuel was dry. Using an old trucker trick I stuck a stick down into the tank and sure enough there was almost no fuel whatsoever. Since it was about two centimeters below the fuel pump intake, making it an impossibility that I simply ran out, it was clear that someone has been stealing my fuel. Which probably explains all of the starting problems I have been having. So I missed my important appointment and could not complete the project I am currently working on. So that's it for now... Off to do the news and also there are the two letters I got today. 

Dear readers, I have been extremely busy behind the scenes working on a new release and other stuff and the waves are already being felt. If I die in the next few days it WAS NOT SUICIDE . I am fine and I do not rattle.

This is extra coding Yandex added to my site in a java file when I installed the search bar.


and the Rats Are Getting Nervous - I can now report when I visited Moscow I was at the Kremlin and some other places nearby which you are free to guess at, which is why the surveillance. See the September 4th post below))) It was nice to see Kaspersky Spy is now shut down.



Почему Яндекс стал опасной угрозой для Российской Федерации? Почему они проводит слежку за мной? Почему живой журнал просто заблокировал мой аккаунт? Потому что они сейчас находятся под контролем АНБ. Яндекс находится в Нидерландах. Владелец LiveJournal живёт в США. Наше сегмент под угрозой и это не только я, слежка идёт на вас тоже....

Russia Finally Beginning to Wake Up to CIA Subversions - Maybe $?$?$

В Госдуме нашли скрытую агитацию в твите посольства США об акции 3 августа

September 24, 2019 - Я експерт по этих делах... Всегда стараюсь помочь России...Но некто не звонять....Почему? Потому$$$$
(Глава комиссии также отметил "отсталость" депутатов от международного опыта по защите суверенитета. "Мы в этом плане отстали, они впереди, мы все по-доброму хотим наладить контакт, они воспринимают это как слабость", - сказал глава комиссии.)

History, the CIA Must Be Dismantled and the Pieces Thrown in the Wind

Zarif Reminds of World Powers' Support for Saddam's 1980 Invasion of Iran

September 23, 2019 - The leader of Iran would never make it on Twitter. His statements would never be cycled on the global MOCKINGBIRD media and he would never get likes. Why? He remembers history and he speaks the truth.

1. Iran demonization for war failed again.

2. The CIA and MOSSAD are NOT civilian organizations, they are military organizations who in fact control and orchestrate the wars for NATO, the Banksters and the MIIC. They are the ARCHITECTS. MKULTRA and ALL their operations are aimed at war and control. There is nothing about "Defense" which is the word they hide behind.

3. They have declared war on you and me and have openly declared the Internet a military objective in their insane drive for Full Spectrum Dominance.

4. PedoGate and Pizzagate and Epstein all lead to the CIA and MOSSAD. They use pedophilia as a "tool" of control.

5. Russia is recovering

6. We can not stop publishing the truth. I was raised to never lie, to be honest and follow the law and to believe in a higher force and to follow and uphold traditional values and a high degree of morality. I can not become a liar and a fabricator for some puppet masters in the shadows or to get likes and become popular. 

7. The Russian media is under CIA/MOSSAD control but it may be recovering.

8. We are still being starved out but it is seen as normal because we are Indians.

9. We return to racism and the Nazi New World Order

10. My warning about Saudi Arabia being dumped too. Wrong race

Hezbollah chief says Al Saud regime in final stages of its life

11. Russian MOCKINGBIRD lies WADA, Iran, Biden<Trump, et al

12. The billion dollar global warming scam.

13. "We experience this world all together and you know that better than I, but the international order is being disrupted in an unprecedented way, with massive upheaval, probably for the first time in our history, in almost all areas and on a historic scale. Above all, a transformation, a geopolitical and strategic reconfiguration. We are probably in the process of experiencing the end of Western hegemony over the world. We were used to an international order that had been based on Western hegemony since the 18th century… Things change. And they have been deeply affected by the mistakes made by Westerners in certain crises, by American decisions over the last several years which did not start with this administration, but have led us to re-examine certain involvements in conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere, and to re-think fundamental diplomatic and military strategy and on occasion elements of solidarity which we thought were forever inalienable… And it is also the emergence of new powers whose impact we have probably underestimated for far too long."

"China first and foremost as well as Russia’s strategy that has, let’s face it, been pursued with greater success over the last few years."

The speaker is French President Emmanuel Macron a Rothschilds Banker

14. Russia now admittedly has the strategic military advantage while the Saudi attack has shown the billion dollar USA/NATO/Israeli weapons and "protection" are useless. Thus NATO countries need to re-think paying 3%-5% GDP to the NATO protection racket for defense.

08.27.2019 - 09.20.2019: Message from JAR3 and JAR2

Message from JAR3 After Almost 5 Years Rotting in a Russian Prison

September 22, 2019 -  Я был ведущим диктором на радиостанции "Голос России" Всемирная служба на английском языке. Я журналист-расследователь. Я подписал контракт на службу и честь президента Путина и российского государства. Я разоблачил бостонского теракта, НАТО и 9/11 и многое другое. Это был ключ к победе над Западом. По приказу из посольства США и ЦРУ, и я был впервые отравлен ядом, а затем я был уволен. Голос России был ликвидирован. Моего сына посадили в тюрьму по статье 228 и моя жизнь и семья были уничтожены. Нет справедливости. Насчет ЗДРАВЫЙ СМЫСЛ ??????

I was the lead announcer for the Voice of Russia World Service in English. I am an investigative journalist. I signed a contract to serve and honor President Putin and the Russian State. I exposed the Boston Bombing, NATO and 9/11 and much more. That was the key to victory over the West. Under the orders of the US Embassy and the CIA and I was first poisoned and then fired. . The Voice of Russia was liquidated. My son was put in prison for article 228 and my life and family were destroyed. There is no justice. What about common sense?????

This was moved from the front page to the blog because people are programmed not to help someone in real need. People see "the guy needs help, he is being attacked" and automatically discredit anything he says. Disgusting and inhuman but that is the world we live in. Nobody cares unless some media outlet tells them to care. That is the Zombie Apocalypse and that is the GLOBAL MKULTRA MOCKINGBIRD. Don't believe the media even for a second.

Then of course there is the topic we are not supposed to talk about, the insipid ignorant and genocidal racism that we are faced with every single day. This programming is so deep and causes such dissonance that I have long ago come to the conclusion that there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it other than taking down the MKULTRA/MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA machine of programming.

Unfortunately for Russia people are only now waking up to the Anglo-Saxon racist genocide that is the driving force of their Empire.

Every day I live with the memory of the genocide of my people and try to prevent the same happening in Russia again.

Today we remember the psychopathic Doctor Cornelius Rhoades who openly murdered Puerto Ricans and was not only protected but rewarded and memorialized after his death. We also once again come across the Rockefeller clan who sponsored the genocide of Puerto Ricans and employed Cornelius Rhodes. These are the psychotic murdering lunatics who are today doing the same thing in Donbass and want to eliminate the Russian people.

A country based on genocide, built by slaves and expanded by endless genocide wars.  


Note: After publishing this an earthquake hit Puerto Rico. Can "they" do that? Would they? Yes

У берегов Пуэрто-Рико произошло землетрясение магнитудой 6

The New World Order is a Race Based Genocide Construct and We Are Not in It

September 20, 2019 - Sit  back and watch as we are killed or help stop the Satanic Racist New World Order.

Second ‘Blackface’ Photo of Justin Trudeau Emerges

Victor Bout, Bush, the CIA and the 9/11 Cargoes

September 19, 2019 - One of the most interesting conversations I ever had and which I was not allowed to talk about or publish by the 5th column at the Voice of Russia was with someone very close to Victor Bout. The information continues to be hidden and the BOuts will not talk about it. The information concerned cargoes that Victor BOut was flying around before 9/11  for what turned out to be the CIA anf the Bush family. They were weapons and equipment used to carry out the 9/11 False Flag attacks. Victor BOut is still alive because he has insurance packages which can not be released as long as he is in US hands and the CIA and NSA are aware of this, so he will never be allowed to go free and he is not eliminated because they do not know who has the packages and if his death will trigger their release.  

Семья заключенного в США россиянина Бута впервые навестила его в тюрьме The Navalny Lists - The Entire 5th Column's Network - Snowden Activated

September 18, 2019 10:11 - The Navalny Lists. (Collateral Damage? Snowden performs his media avatar function)


It used to be that every time we published something the global MOCKINGBIRD media would begin another round of Assange bullshit. The CIA and the MOCKINGBIRD media have no other assets now except Snowden and after the publication of the Navalny lists he was activated. Publishing a book of lies and the naive recollections of a poor little clueless boy sent on a mission for the CIA.  

The Russian media is now officially a CIA MOCKINGBIRD, this is revealed by their collusion in dropping all of the NAvalny stories and ignoring the outing of his network and jumping on the Snowden train.   

More Evidence Snow Den is a Media Limited Hangout Black Operation

Only an Idiot Would Believe He is for Real - Secrets, Secrets, Lies Upon Lies and Cover-Ups

The Subtext is That the Russian Media is Promoting is That Even Putin Helps the CIA


September 17, 2019 10:11 - With the recent onslaught of media coverage the CIA Avatar Edward Greenberg (Snowden), a member of the Rockefeller clan using a family who "served" the United States Government as a cover, has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is an Op. The funny thing is that this little boy may not even know he was simply used, as it is hard to believe that this naive tool could be such an accomplished and convincing liar to maintain such a cover for so long.

Адвокат объяснил желание Сноудена покинуть Россию

Адвокат Сноудена прокомментировал его заявление о желании покинуть Россию

No one who is in Intelligence and no one who knows anything about Black Operations would believe this Fugazi for more than three seconds.

The CIA MOCKINGBIRD soft power that is the Russian media, including the Ria-Novosti News Agency who upper-echelons destroyed my family and literally poisoned me continue to promote him and his unbelievably glib and patently ridiculous story, but the hard-power knows the truth and the hard-power is getting tired of the soft-power and their little CIA games. Which are not in fact "games" but the real subversion of the state and the attempt to manufacture consent to overthrow the government and facilitate war against Russia which will result in the deaths of millions upon millions. These soft power tools feign ignorance in what they are doing promoting this fugazi for puppet master in the shadows and never once seek to question further than their paychecks. They are presstitutes and whores for the CIA MOCKINGBIRD.

Even Prime Minister Medvedev recently said that Investigative Reporters need to be supported but he 5th column did not take the hint. The presstitutes and whores for America in the Russian media are not journalists by any definition of the word. They grab news from the Internet and Western feeds and pretend to know something without really investigating the truth, endlessly, mindlessly regurgitating MOCKINGBIRD talking points like driveling parrots for the CIA whose only goal is getting a check and being popular in their crowd of circle jerking media whores who do nothing but parrot whatever they are given. We have seen narcotics prosecutions being used against real journalists and anyone who goes against the MOCKINGBIRD and my son and I are a testament to this, but the brainwashed Western whores in the Russian media refuse to support, report or even mention us and me, a real investigative journalist, a real Russian patriot and a real anti-US Imperialist. Most of them would not know an investigative reporter if one came up to them and bitch slapped them in the face. The Prime Minister called for supporting Investigative Journalists, so where is the support? Of course not in the Russian CIA MOCKINGBIRD media.     

The Navalny Lists

September 16, 2019 10:11 - The Navalny Lists.
We have politely and legally exposed the Russophobic supporters of attempts to destabilize the Russian Federation. We are not Mirotvorets. We have not published their home addresses and personal information and we are not calling for them to be killed. However you need to know who is trying to sell out Russia and working for a CIA Asset.

Happy Birthday to My Sister (Yes I have a sister I can't see)

September 12, 2019 10:11 - Happy Birthday to my sister who tried to help us in 2007 and then got a National Security Letter from the FBI and a visit by Ukrainians pretending to be Russian and the disappeared from her place of work. She worked for the City of New York.

09/11/19 - The Call on 09/10/2001 (For the Post-911 Youth Who want to Know)

My Last Personal Call to the United States BTW

September 11, 2019 09:11 - . The MKULTRA/MOCKINGBIRD Psy-Op: Teaching the World Racist Hate for Israel and the Empire of Death

I had planned to summarize all my work exposing the 9/11 Global MOCKINGBIRD/MKULTRA Psychological Operation and the truly demonic and evil way that it was and continues to be manipulated, however I have said and written about all of that before as almost everything on this site is connected to 9/11 in one way or another.  What I will do is re-tell the story of where I was and what was going on in my life when the events happened as now there is a generation coming of age that does not even remember the event as they had not even been born yet.

My 9/11 story started in 1992 actually but I won't go into all of that right now, rather we will begin this little recollection on 9/10/01. I am getting old and I fear I will die soon so I hope as you read this and you will understand the deeper meaning of everything I have attempted to convey to you over all of these years and in this work in particular.

On September 10, 2001 I had for almost unfathomable (official version) complex and personal reasons, the most important of which being fear for my own safety and needing a safe place to send my children if everything went South for me, taken the dangerous step of contacting my first wife, the mother of my first two kids. This was dangerous because first of all she was unstable and after being given full legal and physical custody of the children, reporting her mother for the murder of her father and the mother's connection to the Woodland CPS on which I called a Secret Grand Jury to expose fraud and what turned out to be the trafficking of children, she would no doubt do everything in her power to get revenge including contacting the FBI and the CIA after everyone who knew me received National Security Letters. Of course there was also the NSA and GCHQ who I knew at the time were plugged into all international calls.

You can make your own assessment and opinion as to any possible connection to the events I am about to relate to you, my job here is simply telling the story. So taking extreme precautions and using the Internet to locate her and obtain her current phone number I placed the call. She was surprisingly friendly and open and even apologized for abandoning us as she had in 1992 and I even let the kids speaks to her although they had no real interest (to be honest I had to almost make them talk to her) and everything was going well and I had thought that this might be a new beginning, until she asked me where I was.

As I was actually in hiding in Russia and had been since 1996 and no one knew (except Russian Security and the Cubans) that I had finally made it to Russia with the kids, and as I had taken painfully complex steps to route the call through the Netherlands and then New York, I did not want to tell her my actual location and for some unfathomable reason that I still do not understand even today, I told her in a matter of fact manner that I lived in New York City, drove a Suburban and worked at the World Trade Center. Certainly the NSA/CIA/FBI intercepted the call and if she believed me then they did as well, which also told me that it was MI6 and rogue CIA Black Operations that were running interceptions in Russia, the Russian mafia, the Far West LLC, Alpha Bank, Diligence LLC, Anton Surikov and were responsible for Dubrovka and the Moscow apartment bombing, but that is another story.

Back to the call, the call was not very long but after she insisted that I tell her where I was and after appearing satisfied with my answer and promising that we would stay in touch I decided to end the call and we said our good byes. I did not understand at the time the real depth and meaning of that goodbye, as it was in retrospect a goodbye to the entire world and universe as we had known it. 

When the first plane hit on 9/11 I was in Malahovka teaching an evening elementary group and did not hear about it until the next group came in, an intermediate group of brilliant high school students. I believe it was Vanya who told me about what had happened, that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. At the time I thought it was a joke. That someone was playing a joke mentioning the WTC after my phone call saying I worked there. Due to the technology at the time there was no streaming live YouTube or anything like that but the Russian media was operating in full global MOCKINGBIRD mode running live CNN feeds on almost all of the channels as I found out after I had rushed home at the end of the lessons. Again for me personally it was important after the above mentioned phone call and I wanted to see if it was all really a joke on me. It wasn't.

After the lessons I rushed home and turned on the television, and went on-line and it was perhaps after about 10-15 minutes the second plane hit. Until this moment we had all believed it was simply an aircraft accident. When the second plane hit we were all floored. We instantly knew we were watching a planned event and not an accidental aircraft collision.  At this point everyone in the world was probably glued to their screens as the global MOCKINGBIRD began programming the world for the endless racial wars that were to come.

The psychological trauma that the world was subject to when the second plane hit would have been enough to garner support for the endless NATO wars, but the CIA/MOSSAD/NATO/MKULTRA architects went completely overboard and off the reservation. For them it was not enough and the WTC complex was completely destroyed for the banksters, the landlords and the gold thieves who financed and allowed the operation to take place.

The trauma that we were all subject to on that day divided the world, split history into a before and after, launched a new paradigm and made the world what it is today. It is important to note that the mood in Russia was not one of support for the USA but one of joy and actual happiness that someone had finally given the hegemon a taste of their own medicine. This was not long after the senseless, brutal and illegal bombing of Yugoslavia which was fresh in everyone's minds and the world was already sick of NATO expansion and the illegal US aggressive wars, but the lunatics in the MIIC wanted more and they got it.

After the second plane hit the global audience broke all possible records, this could not have been better orchestrated. Even the timing was perfect to guarantee the global audience the architects required for the coup de grace. In all of the Russia and most of the world the working day was over guaranteeing that everyone watching was at their most receptive and able to be glued to a screen. This was necessary for the main event which explains one of the first questions any critical thinker would have asked about 9/11, namely why didn't the "terrorists" wait until say 10 am when the buildings would be fully populated with all of the staff of all of the concerns that were inside thus guaranteeing maximum body count?

As we watched the buildings burn and people jumping from open windows where there was clearly no fire our attention could not have been greater and then it happened. At that moment the world was divided into liars and those who protect, facilitate and support liars and murderers and those who support the truth. At that moment the impossible happened, something so ridiculously staged and improbable that even a 5 year old would tell you it was a fake. Even a five-year-old knows if you hit a standing pencil on the side it falls in the opposite direction of the impact. At that moment all the laws of logic, physics and normal human reason took a vacation from reality and the impossible, unprecedented, illogical and completely orchestrated collapse of the first tower occurred falling neatly into its own footprint. As we watched stunned, first one and then two of the largest steel framed concrete structures on the planet simply turn into dust into their own footprints.

In stunned disbelief and outright shock, as we watched with many of us in tears, me already worried sick as my own mother worked there, they began their MKULTRA programming and the spreading of racist and religious hate against the Arab world to facilitate the planned genocide for homicidal lunatics called the Greater Israel Project, the planned global military takeover of the world for the useless CIA/NATO psychopaths and for the Masonic/Illuminati Satanists the final stage of their New World Order.

The world was thus successfully programmed to hate the poor innocent peoples of the Middle East and in fact all browns and "non-Americans". What else could the country based on genocide, built by slaves and occupied by homicidal warring lunatics have to offer the world? Endless racist wars and the global genocide of the brown and the black for the Nazis Fourth Reich dream. The world was also programmed to feel empathy and sorrow for the United States and by default Israel allowing them carte blanche to go after poor Afghanis who had nothing to do with 9/11 in the hunt for the boogey man Osama Bin Laden who was actually a CIA Agent named Tim Osman. It is all an Op and everything since then, from Snowden to Assange have been Ops to cover it up and propagate the lies and the influence that 9/11 gave the lunatics behind the plan.

I still feel sorry for America, not because of 9/11, but because the sheeple are too stupid and too weak and the country too corrupt and run by Israel to actually do anything about it and bring anyone to justice. 

Yes the CIA/MOCKINGBIRD/MKULTRA network is global, I am living proof of this and know that I will have to be eliminated. They have proven that they control Russia as well and their tentacles are everywhere. One man can not change anything. One man can not beat them. However one truth can: 9/11 was an inside job.

By John Anthony Robles II 52808****

09-11-2019 11:48 GMT +3 from a bunker somewhere in the Russian Federation.   

PS. In my opinion these are the two most important videos about 9/11 and the questions about the destruction of buildings 3, 4, 5 and 6 which are never asked are the most damning of all.








http://www.jar2.com/www.jar2.com/The Big Bamboozle 911 and the War on Terror by Philip Marshall.pdf

09/11/19 - Seven Questions by Kevin Ryan


Seven Questions to Evaluate Nineteen 9/11 Suspects

Posted on September 8, 2019 by Kevin Ryan

Who could have committed the crimes of September 11, 2001? Answering that question requires understanding the details of 1) what happened that should not have happened and 2) what did not happen that should have happened. Additionally, it requires asking specific, well-formulated questions and seeking answers that are evidence-based to assess potential suspects in terms of means, motive, and opportunity.

In my book Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects, a case is made for the investigation of nineteen people who were in position to do everything that was needed to affect the crimes. These legitimate suspects can be compared to the nineteen young Arabs who were accused of the crimes yet who did not have the means or opportunity to accomplish most of what happened that day.

The following seven questions should be asked when considering suspects. For each question, my nominees are described.


1. Who could have prevented U.S. intelligence agencies from tracking down and stopping the alleged hijackers before 9/11?

Louis Freeh was Director of the FBI for the nine years leading up to 9/11. Under Freeh’s leadership, the FBI failed miserably at preventing terrorism when preventing terrorism was the FBI’s primary goal. During this time the actions of FBI management suggest that it was facilitating and covering-up acts of terrorism. After 9/11, Freeh went on to become the personal attorney for Saudi Arabian ambassador Prince Bandar and a director for a company linked to 9/11 insider trading.

As Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (DCI) from 1997 to 2004, George Tenet led an agency that botched and bungled its duties related to counterterrorism. The evidence suggests that, as with Louis Freeh and the FBI, at least some of those failures were intentional. Tenet had developed secret paths of communication with Saudi authorities and he appears to have disrupted plans to capture or investigate al Qaeda suspects.

Richard Clarke was appointed U.S. “Counterterrorism Czar” by President George H.W. Bush in1992 and he held that position until after the 9/11 attacks. Clarke was also a member of the highly secret Continuity of Government planning group along with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and he implemented that secret plan for the first time on 9/11. He was a personal representative of the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a country that financed terrorism and had many ties to 9/11. Clarke predicted terrorist attacks on Washington and New York and, through tipping off his friends in the UAE, was behind the failure of two CIA attempts to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden. On 9/11, he led the secure White House videoconference that failed to respond to the attacks.

Richard Armitage was a special operations soldier, long-time covert operative, and a member of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). On 9/11, Armitage was Deputy Secretary of State and, in this role, he implemented an express approval program that provided visas to the alleged 9/11 hijackers. On 9/11, he was involved in the secure videoconference run by Richard Clarke that failed to respond to the hijacked airliners.


2. Who could have disabled the systems in place to prevent hijackings that should have been effective?

On 9/11, General Michael Canavan was in the role of hijack coordinator for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) but he was mysteriously missing that morning. Canavan’s role was most responsible for communications between the FAA and the military and his absence was critical to the failure of air defenses. Having only started as FAA’s hijack coordinator just months earlier, Canavan left the position in October 2001. According to an FAA intelligence employee, Canavan started his job by running training exercises that were “pretty damn close to the 9/11 plot.”

Duane Andrews, a long time protégé of Dick Cheney, was a leading expert on the defense systems that failed on 9/11. At the time, he led the company Science Applications International (SAIC) that created the national databases to track and identify terrorists, supplied U.S. airports with terrorism screening equipment, predicted and investigated terrorist attacks against U.S. infrastructure including national defense networks and the WTC, helped create the official account for what happened at the WTC both in 1993 and after 9/11, was a leader in research on thermitic materials like those found in the WTC dust, led the robotics team that scoured the pile at Ground Zero using equipment capable of eliminating explosives, and provided the information to capture the alleged mastermind of the attacks, Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

Benedict Sliney was the FAA’s Command Center national operations manager on 9/11. It was his first day in the job, having just left a lucrative law career defending Wall Street financiers. Despite his lack of experience, his FAA superiors deferred to him as the attacks proceeded and allowed him to take charge of the response to the hijacked airliners. Sliney’s failure to respond effectively on the day of the attacks, allegedly not even knowing how to respond, contributed significantly to the failure of the national air defenses.


3. Who could have disabled the U.S. chain of command that should have immediately responded to the attacks but did not?

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was in charge of U.S. defenses on 9/11. After the Pentagon was hit, Rumsfeld wandered out to the parking lot for approximately 30 minutes. His presence there showed that he was not concerned about other planes that were reported as hijacked, as if he knew what to expect. Rumsfeld did not concern himself with the work of his direct subordinate, NORAD Commander Ralph Eberhart, and he did not do his job to ensure the nation’s air defenses. Rumsfeld and his Defense department later failed to cooperate with 9/11 investigations.

Vice President Dick Cheney was in charge at the White House on 9/11 and is known to have been the primary decision maker that day. In the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, Cheney gave instructions that appear to have directed a stand down of air defenses as well as an order to shoot down United Flight 93. Cheney later worked to prevent any investigation into 9/11 and led a campaign of lies to start the Iraq War.

4. Who could have disabled the U.S. national air defenses that should have responded effectively and intercepted some, if not all, of the hijacked aircraft?

Ralph Eberhart, the commander of NORAD on 9/11, sponsored the highly coincidental military exercises (i.e. war games) that obstructed the military response. Twelve hours before the attacks, Eberhart apparently ordered the defense readiness alert system Infocon to its least protective level, making it easier to hack or compromise the defense computer networks. Failing in his duties to protect the nation while giving orders that further prevented response, Eberhart later lied to Congress about the military’s knowledge of the hijackings.

As a special agent in charge for the Secret Service, Carl Truscott supervised all protective matters relating to the president, the first family, and the White House. The response of the Secret Service to the 9/11 attacks suggests foreknowledge of the events because the agency failed to protect the president from the obvious danger posed by terrorists. Combined with the failure of the Secret Service to follow-up on offers of air support from Andrews Air Force Base, this led to the suspicion that the agency was complicit in the attacks.


5. Who could have caused three WTC skyscrapers to fall through the path of what should have been the most resistance?

Brian Michael Jenkins, as deputy chairman of Crisis Management for Kroll Associates, played a leading role in planning for terrorist events at the WTC, including having reviewed the possibility of airliner crashes into the towers. A special operations soldier and long-time right-wing political advisor, Jenkins had been accused of implementing a “terror war” in Central America during the 1980s.

Wirt Walker was named a 9/11 insider trading suspect in previously classified 9/11 Commission documents. Walker’s company Stratesec provided security services for the WTC, United Airlines (which owned two of the planes hijacked on 9/11), and Dulles Airport (where American Airlines Flight 77 took off that day). Stratesec held its annual meetings in offices leased by Saudi Arabia and Walker also ran an aviation company in Oklahoma at an airport that was associated with the alleged hijackers.

Barry McDaniel was the chief operating officer of Stratesec. McDaniel was in charge of WTC security in terms of what he called a completion contract, to provide services up to the day the buildings fell down. He is also an Iran-Contra suspect and previously worked for companies that conducted covert operations, like Sears World Trade and The Vinnell Corporation. After 9/11, McDaniel went on to start a business with Dick Cheney’s former business partner, Bruce Bradley.

Rudy Giuliani was Mayor of New York City on 9/11. He and his staff had foreknowledge that the WTC Towers would fall when no one could have predicted such a thing. Giuliani was also responsible for the destruction of critical WTC evidence at Ground Zero. In a crime that continues to take lives, he told people in the area that the air was safe to breathe, when it was not, in order to speed the removal of evidence.

L. Paul Bremer’s career with the State Department and as managing director of Kissinger Associates led to him becoming, like Jenkins, one of few leading experts on terrorism before 9/11. On the day of 9/11, Bremer had an office in the South Tower of the WTC and was working for Marsh & McLennan, a company that occupied all the impact floors in the North Tower. Also associated with a company that had patented a thermite demolition device, Bremer was one of the first people to provide the official account for what happened on television that morning.


6. Who could have coordinated an attack against the Pentagon that struck the exact spot that had just been renovated while allowing all Pentagon leadership to escape unharmed?

Paul Wolfowitz was Deputy Secretary of Defense on 9/11. Along with Armitage, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz was a leader of the organization PNAC that, one year before 9/11, had called for a transformational event “like a New Pearl Harbor” to reinvigorate U.S. military spending. In the eight months leading up to 9/11, Wolfowitz led the Pentagon building project that renovated the exact spot where Flight 77 was reported to have impacted the building.

Peter Janson was the chief officer of AMEC Construction, the company that performed the renovation work on the Pentagon building in the exact spot where it was hit on 9/11. AMEC was also hired to clean-up the debris at both the Pentagon and the WTC immediately after the attacks. A long-time business associate of Donald Rumsfeld, Janson went on to benefit from the War on Terror as a director of an oil and gas transport company.


7. Who could have ensured that no effective investigation was conducted and that no one was held accountable?

Porter Goss was a CIA operative who, after 9/11, became DCI. On the day of 9/11, Goss was meeting with Pakistani secret service (ISI) General Mahmud Ahmed as the first plane struck the WTC. He later helped cover-up the crimes through his leadership of the Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11. As DCI in 2004, Goss took actions to ensure that no one in the intelligence community was held responsible for 9/11.

Robert Mueller, although not named as a suspect in my book, was a leader of the 9/11 cover-up in his role as director of the FBI, a position he took one week before the 9/11 attacks. Mueller had a history of covering-up government crimes including FBI collusion with organize crime, the 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103, and CIA terrorist financing network known as BCCI. That made him the perfect guy to lead the FBI investigation into 9/11.


It should be obvious that the 19 young Arab suspects accused of the crimes could not have accomplished any of the things required to pull off the 9/11 crimes, as described in these seven questions that need to be answered. In fact, the evidence indicates they could not even fly small aircraft. On the other hand, the suspects noted above not only had the means, motive, and opportunity to carry out the crimes, many of them were long-time associates known to have engaged in covert operations or cover-ups. Anyone who is objective in an analysis of 9/11 suspects knows which of these groups should be investigated first.

On the Illuminati, Avatars, "Alt Media Icons", Bees, 5G, Glysophate and Genocide

September 10, 2019 - . They say the first thing in war that dies is the truth. I contend and in the strongest terms possible state that the "West" is involved in a black and evil conspiracy of world domination so sick and twisted that it defies all normal human understanding and implore the Russian authorities to force the media to abandon the CIA/MOCKINGBIRD machine of lies and finally publish and expose the truth that the sickened world so desperately needs to heal, to end the rule of the western genociders and to finally begin the journey on the road to peace and prosperity for all of humkan kind. 

Tomorrow marks the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 False Flag and the 18th anniversary of the ensuing global genocide and global NATO war on non-whites and the destruction of their countries in the fake US/NATO-Nazi global "War on Terror.

Paul Craig Roberts who helped destroy a real 9/11 truther needs to stick his white supremacist exceptional racist CIA backed head up his ass where it had been for all of the years he was silent about the 9/11 NeoCons, the endless illegal US wars of aggression, the introduction of an Orwellian police state attempting a world takeover and even the 5th column destroying the Russian State as he forced himself into the Russian media taking my job by using CIA Agent Gorbachev and all of the left over 1980s CIA assets that took the Voice of Russia apart from the inside. There is no one in the world more establishment, more racist, more MOCKINGBIRD and more of an enemy to Russia and 9/11 truth than the Deep State f@ck job Paul Craig Roberts so anyone attempting to assist him in placing him in a position as a 9/11 truther is facilitating a heinous crime against the memory of everyone who has died since 9/10/2001.

9/11 was a catalyst for many things, the launching of illegal aggressive wars and the destruction of countries, the introduction of an Orwellian police state that they are attempting to go global with, the eradication of a free press, analytical debate and the death of journalism and finally the last 18 years have proven beyond a doubt that 9/11 was a catalyst for installing the Satanic New World Order and finally the mass genocide of all "sub-human" people in "shit-hole countries" for the white "supremacist" Anglo-Saxon-Ashkenazi "Jewish" races.

If you are not Slavic, Indigenous, Oriental, Arab, Semitic, African or a member of any other race that values its heritage and cultural identity and does not fit into the Satanic Anglo-Saxon Zionist New World Order you may stop reading here as your dumbed down politically incorrect sensitivities may be inadvertently offended. 

Genocide. Racist genocide. A prominent Palestinian recently stated that we need to face the racism against our people and it is about time all of us faced the racism that is being fomented and used to literally wipe us off the face of the Earth. Like many of my Indian brothers I have made the mistake of trusting the white man and as a result was led into a rabbit hole of lies, deceptions and twisted realities which after all of my years of untangling conspiracies and attempting to find the Holy Grail of ultimate truth has led me to the conclusion that it is ALL a smokescreen to distract and obfuscate from the real truth which is systematic genocide of you, me and all of our people.

To our satisfaction we have solved 9/11 with the last bit of evidence and the smoking gun for us being the Directed Energy Weapons installations and that has now been uncovered. Remember the millions that have died since 9/10/01. Remember the 9,000 who were disappeared in the days following 9/11. Remember the thousands being kept at Guantanamo and who will die there because all of them know something. Remember my son who has been in prison for five years because of my work exposing 9/11 (in particular broadcasting and publishing information regarding the planes at the Boneyard) and finally remember the billions who are going to die soon because you refused to go after the demons who have taken over much of the world.

Continued above...

Kremlin CIA Spy Named

Smolenkov was not such a high-level asset as the West is trying to imply. However if the West is saying he was the source for high level intelligence in the Kremlin then it is clear that Smolenkov was just a secondary source and the real spy is probably still working in the Kremlin. I will not name names but it would have to be someone whose family is already in the West somewhere and/or someone who is over the age of 42 or 53 and is a person known to all of us. The CIA front New York Times and other information available from open sources show evidence that there are multiple spies in the Kremlin and circling President Putin. However if the biggest thing this spy provided is the information for the fake and discounted Russian election interfence report, then this young guy was probably the only one as that report was pure crap. Perhaps this is why he has been publicly outed in the US as well. The CIA does not like when they give people million dollar homes and extraction and then the Intel turns out to be false or useless.

We are concerned because someone at his level may have had access to information in the Presidential Administration intake office where we have sent many letters and files over the past 12 years regarding our "case". We know the CIA/MI6 and McFaul were given information about our location and history. We ask anyone who has any information regarding this individual and what he passed to contact us. This would be very helpful in finding the exact link between McFaul's TWO attempts and the TWO arrests of my son.  


Alleged ‘CIA spy’ Smolenkov never worked at Russian President’s Administrative Directorate

"Коммерсантъ" назвал имя информатора ЦРУ в российской власти


The Elections Went by Smoothly: Darker Stories Seeping Out

September 09, 2019 - . The CIA/MI6 Russian elections provocations have failed with almost no reports of violations. There were however reports of extreme tactics (correctly named "black tactics" by the Russian media in reference to black operations) including the setting of a vehicle or vehicles on fire in the Murmansk Region.

The Russian Government is finally taking the threat of Black Operations by the CIA seriously and to be honest it is long past time. During the televised events a Colonel General was shown on television sitting next to Pamfilova who just days ago had been attacked inside her home by an individual who had set up a camp in the forest not far from her home. However this is not the first time military officers have appeared at press briefings

Суд в Москве арестовал до ноября обвиняемого в нападении на Памфилову



Seeing top level military officers on the Central Election Committee Board is a clear indicator that the CIA threat to internal Russian political processes has now been put into the hands of professionals who can properly identify and neutralize the CIA Black Operations attempts at manipulating Russian internal processes and poisoning the Russian State.

The CIA is a military organization therefore military men must be brought in to deal with the real threat. Bravo!

AP Edtis Pamifolova Interview, Twists Facts, Hides Video - Wow! Sounds Familiar

Памфилова пожаловалась в СПЧ на Associated Press

An older photograph

Solomon Grundy

Born on a Monday

Christened on Tuesday

Married on Wednesday

Sick on Thursday

Worse on Friday

Died on Saturday

Buried on Sunday

Why We Won't Publish the Building 7 Report

September 08, 2019 - It is a little too little and a little too late.

Even though we have researched and exposed 9/11 on JAR2 since 2003 the entire so-called 9/11 Truth Movement has completely ignored us. Even ignoring our bombshell interview with Wayne Madsen in which we located where the 9/11 planes are parked (the Boneyard in Arizona) for which an entire family was assassinated and immediately after which the first fabricated arrest on my son was launched. The only person who ever mentioned my 9/11 work was Dr. Kevin Barret as Assange was running around telling the world 9/11 was a fake conspiracy but nobody has noticed.

No one has paid attention to Dr. Judy Wood and the Directed Energy Weapons, no one has paid attention to the absolute dropping of the ball and global takeover of the media turning the world into a consumer of Hasbara/MOCKINGBIRD fakery by the CIA/MOSSAD and no one has paid attention to the fact that buildings 3, 4, 5 and 6 were also destroyed on 9/11.

The 9/11 building report by the University of Alaska is a classic Limited Hangout Operation pretending to be a revelation and a smoking gun while the organization promoting it "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" refused to post my name on their site as well as the names of other real 9/11 Truthers. They also attempted to make money off of this report.

9/11 is the reason my son is in a Russian prison and it is the real reason my passport was revoked in 2007 and it is the real reason the Voice of Russia was liquidated and everyone involved in the publication of 9/11 related interviews and articles were eliminated, articles and interviews which were then deleted from the Russian net and the Voice of Russia Servers. However you will not hear about this anywhere on the net as we have been abandoned and Russia is right in line with the US lies because the Russian media is run by Israel and the real terrorists who carried out 9/11 are the Zionist neo-cons and Israel.

The building 7 report is like analyzing a train wreck and only discussing why the caboose went off the rails. It is all a Limited Hangout. I understand most Westerners are so dumbed down and terrified of real truth but it is the media who has created the post-9/11 global Cognitive Dissonance that has really dropped the ball. Congratulations to the effectiveness of the Hasbara and MOCKINGBIRD clowns, you have turned the global 9/11 Truth Movement into a complete and total joke and nobody has noticed.    

9/11 was an Inside Israeli Job and you have even gotten Russia to support your lies, like Russia has supported the fake moon landing lies. Keep trying to get Russia to ignore that WWII was won on the Eastern Front and that more that 27 million Russians lost their lives defeating Hitler and the Nazis, keeping trying to make Russians into racist haters like you, if you run that 24/7 on Russian media soon you will succeed with that as well. You are monsters and demons and one day you will pay the final price.

How did they do it in Russia? They have successfully classified exposing US crimes and the 9/11 mass-murder false flag as something "political". This is in the same way they have classified the CIA overthrow of Ukraine and even the Odessa slaughter as being "political" topics. They throw all that into the same pot of dirt and filth with Russophobia and pure garbage and no one pays attention, and why should they? There are demonstrations which no one has any diea why they are being held and US sponsored drivel events to be distracted by and then of course there is the new i-Phone to buy and the fact that the Internet is now fully controlled by the Hasbara brain killers. 

Where was the University of Alaska in 2001 and anytime after? So if they don't support us, why should we support them? That can be said for everyone else as well, if those around us don't support us why in the name of everything holy should we support them? But regardless for the sheeple who STILL don't get it that 9/11 was a state sponsored terrorist attack by the terroist states of Israel and the USA here is the damn report. It only proves what we have been saying since 2001 and is in fact a liitle too little and a little too late.


Do Not Read This, Repost or Support JAR2: You Will Be Targeted by the USA

September 06, 2019 - The story below details the clear attempt by the USA to influence, censor and scare anyone from criticizing the United States of America and their illegality and all of their imperial illegal wars of aggression and meddling worldwide. As a long-time harsh critic of US policy and illegality I take this as a personal attack on me and everything I have worked to expose over the last decades.

As yet another punitive tool against alternative media and your right to express your opinion and criticize governments this action clearly seeks to expand US censorship worldwide but denying a visa is not all they will do or are doing. They will also deny academic cooperation, the publication of scientific papers and of course any media outlet, journalist or public figure who does not agree with the Orwellian Truth Speak and endless wars and crimes of the USA will be targeted in numerous Machiavellian ways.

As with sanctions and endless censorship and punitive measures under such labels as "Fake News" and "Community Standards" the USA is literally attempting to terrorize anyone who might be critical of their Imperial ambitions but this new rule takes it one step further in that it attempts to penalize anyone who might be a supporter of any journalist, person, organization or body which criticizes the failing Hegemon. 

On the eve of the 18th Anniversary of 9/11 this measure is clearly aimed at individuals such as myself and sites such as JAR2. We are already the last independent publisher of censored and banned secret and suppressed documents and leaks in the world and this is an attempt to go after our readers and supporters who are already afraid to even link to us but who continue to increasingly visit the site.

I encourage you to stand up to the hegemon wherever you may be in the world and refuse to be terrorized into silence by the Imperial Global USA. I have long said it is the USA which needs to be sanctioned and isolated by the world. Perhaps it is time people started listening or are they too afraid?      

Now It’s Official: US Visa Can Be Denied If You (Or Your Friends) Are Critical of American Policies

By Philip Giraldi


September 5, 2019

There have been several interesting developments in the United States government’s war on free speech and privacy. First of all, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP), which is responsible for actual entry of travelers into the country, has now declared that it can legally access phones and computers at ports of entry to determine if there is any subversive content which might impact on national security. “Subversive content” is, of course, subjective, but those seeking entry can be turned back based on how a border control agent perceives what he is perusing on electronic media.

Unfortunately, the intrusive nature of the procedure is completely legal, particularly as it applies to foreign visitors, and is not likely to be overturned in court in spite of the Fourth Amendment’s constitutional guarantee that individuals should “…be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.” Someone at a port of entry is not legally inside the United States until he or she has been officially admitted. And if that someone is a foreigner, he or she has no right by virtue of citizenship even to enter the country until entry has been permitted by an authorized US Customs and Border Protection official. And that official can demand to see anything that might contribute to the decision whether or not to let the person enter.

And there’s more to it than just that. Following the Israeli model for blocking entry of anyone who can even be broadly construed as supporting a boycott, the United States now also believes it should deny admittance to anyone who is critical of US government policy, which is a reversal of previous policy that considered political opinions to be off-limits for visa denial. DHS, acting in response to pressure from the White House, now believes it can adequately determine hostile intent from the totality of what appears on one’s phone or laptop, even if the material in question was clearly not put on the device by the owner. In other words, if a traveler has an email sent to him or her by someone else that complains about behavior by the United States government, he or she is responsible for that content.

One interesting aspect of the new policy is that it undercuts the traditional authority of US Embassies and Consulates overseas to issue visas to foreigners. The State Department visa process is rigorous and can include employment and real property verification, criminal record checks, social media reviews and Google-type searches. If there is any doubt about the visa applicant, entry into the US is denied. With the new DHS measures in place, this thoroughly vetted system is now sometimes being overruled by a subjective judgment made by someone who is not necessarily familiar with the traveler’s country or even regarding the threat level that being a citizen of that country actually represents.

Given the new rules regarding entering the United States, it comes as no surprise that the story of an incoming Harvard freshman who was denied entry into the United States after his laptop and cellphone were searched at Boston’s Logan Airport has been making headlines. Ismail Ajjawi, a 17-year-old Palestinian resident of Lebanon, was due to begin classes as a freshman, but he had his student visa issued in by the US Embassy in Beirut rejected before being flown back to Lebanon several hours later.

Ajjawi was questioned by one immigration officer who asked him repeatedly about his religion before requiring him to turn over his laptop and cell phone. Some hours later, the questioning continued about Ajjawi’s friends and associates, particularly those on social media. At no point was Ajjawi accused of having himself written anything that was critical of the United States and the interrogation rather centered on the views expressed by his friends.

The decision to ban Ajjawi produced such an uproar worldwide that it was reversed a week later, apparently as a result of extreme pressure exerted by Harvard University. Nevertheless, the decisions to deny entry are often arbitrary or even based on bad information, but the traveler normally has no practical recourse to reverse the process. And the number of such searches is going up dramatically, numbering more than 30,000 in 2017, some of which have been directed against US residents. Even though permanent resident green card holders and citizens have a legal right to enter the United States, there are reports that they too are having their electronic media searched. That activity is the subject of an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security that is currently working its way through the courts. The ACLU is representing 10 American citizens and a legal permanent resident who had their media searched without a warrant as required by the Fourth Amendment.

It is believed that many of the arbitrary “enforcements” by the CBP are carried out by the little-known Tactical Response Team (TRT) that targets certain travelers that fit a profile. DHS officials confirmed in September 2017 that 1,400 visa holders had been denied entry due to TRT follow-up inspections. And there are also reports of harassment of American citizens by possible TRT officials. A friend of mine was returning from Portugal to a New York Area airport when he was literally pulled from the queue as he was departing the plane. A Customs agent at the jetway was repeatedly calling out his birth date and then also added his name. He was removed from the line and taken to an interrogation room where he was asked to identify himself and then queried regarding his pilot’s license. He was then allowed to proceed with no other questions, suggesting that it was all harassment of a citizen base on profiling pure and simple.

My friend is a native-born American who has a Master’s degree and an MBA, is an army veteran and has no criminal record, not even a parking ticket. He worked for an American bank in the Middle East more than thirty years ago, which, together with the pilot’s license, might be the issue these days with a completely paranoid federal government constantly on the lookout for more prey “to keep us safe.” Unfortunately, keeping us safe has also meant that freedom of speech and association as well as respect for individual privacy have all been sacrificed. As America’s Founding Father Benjamin Franklin once reportedly observed, “Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety will wind up with neither.”

From 9/11 to a Fascist New World Order and Global Genocide... Everything we have ever written published or attempted to expose is coming true... There is no need to add anything. Everything has already been said... Except the answer to the question of why the world refuses to listen, the answer to which is quite simple and impossible to correct. Racism.

September 06, 2019 - Truth is truth and there are no variants. Racism is the reason no one will hire me and no one will listen and it is the only reason the global smear campaign against all of my work and against me and my family has been accepted by the world and why we are ignored. We understand that but the problem is there is nothing we can do about it. How can I change the color of my skin even when it has done nothing but make me a target for my entire life? Not possible. Should I ginore it when my race is the reason my work is not published and why the world is silent as to my historic plight? Not anymore. Racists are behind everything and with racists the only solution is eliminating them from your equation. How?

POST TWO: Mordovia and Yandex Tracking


The entire Republic of Mordovia is basically a prison zone and in fact it is the perfect place to put people away on fabricated charges. Rhyazan was a city tried to avoid like the palgue. I was subjected to tracking by a team of 19 vehicles on a previous trip and was forced to turn on Yandex Navigator on the return trip for the sole reason that the speed zone change unexpectedly and Yandex has a speed zone function which tells you the speed limit on every road. I followed this attempting to use Yandex anonymously thinking it would not be used to track me personally. It proved to me that Yandex uses your MAC address to track you. So no matter what Sim card or account you have you must change physical devices as well to combat their punitive actions. In this case entrapment into speeding fines. I am an old man and drive very very carefully and during the whole trip back used Yandex Navigator with a three kilometer over the limit warning and stayed within that limit. However I received two speeding violation through my Yandex e-mail when I returned even though I had deleted all of my person data from Yandex and deleted the Yandex fines application and even opened a new account. This is the scary part, I still got the warnings from Yandex in my e-mail into my new account even though I had never entered it or used it to check Yandex fines. They connected me with my MAC and my reserve e-mail. So here is the criminal scam, they post speed limits and if you follow them you will be in violation of the law. Given that Yandex is plugged into the raod camera system and the Russian passport and registration and driver's license and vehicle registration databases and also has access to your banking data, home location, MAC addresses of your devices and full device access to cameras, microphones, SMS messages, contacts and everything you browse and see on-line, including your passwords and logins if you use their browser, Ywandex is a security nightmare and must be banned from operating in Russia as it is a FVEY based company. This is important not only for me being a Targeted Individual but for every Russian citizen and ever person in the Russian Federation.

Birthday Wishes to My Muscovite Daughters Who I Can Not See

POST THREE: Despite the dangers and the dehumanization of myself and my family as if we are nothing I want to wish my daughter (who I am not allowed to see or have contact with under threat of fabricated arrest and being locked in a dungeon for the rest of my life to come up with brilliant ideas) Varia a happy 5th birthday. Varia has a new "dad" which she has had since she was less than a year old thanks to my ex-wife assisting the CIA in destroying me and getting back together with her impotent ex-husband who could not have a child while using me as a sperm donor, and she is a Muscovite and of course a Russian Citizen so I do not want to make her a target, but I do want to tell her happy birthday, and add that all of you who did what you did will have to face the Karmic consequences soon. Have a great day and HAPPY 5TH Varia. I have obfuscated the date for obvious reasons but it was/is soon.  

My other daughter who I am also not allowed to see and who has had another dad since birth also reuniting an ex with her former impotent partner (seeing a pattern here?), Sophia also had a birthday recently and is now 15, I would also like to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and not that she is also a Muscovite and a Russian citizen (see high crimes here?). As for my other children I already wished John a Happy Birthday and in case something happens to me want to wish Kayla a happy upcoming 29th. John and Kayla's grandmother was Russian so there you go... (Another piece in the f@cking puzzle)

Thanks to the CIA/MI6 targetting and me being a Targeted Individual I can not have direct contact with my children or they will become targets as was my son and she see what has happened to him. What is amazing is that the Security Services know all this and it is allowed to continue but that is a sacrifice that I have had to make but again those responsible will soon pay for what they have done, mark my words. 

Made a trip to Moscow thanks to my one donor... 

September 04/05, 2019 - This time the trip was better. I don't know if it was because of the time of day or what. I had some very serious business in the capital and will be updating the news and publishing new files in a few hours. It is several hundred kilometers from the bunker so I am exhausted and need to get some shut eye. It is possible something may finally result.

Later: Upon waking up having produced a first draft in my sleep.

The 5th columnists are everywhere, little slimy provocateurs of undetermined sex wearing cheap imitation basketball shoes with a American flags on them smiling coyly as they stare into their iPhones with their crap filled brains plugged into ear buds spewing tunes that only they can hear, with by their very presence are an abomination crassly and classlessly slamming into the consciousness of anyone and everyone unfortunate enough to be witness to their existence. I had to quell an almost unstoppable desire to take my fist and smash it into the smug smiling face of such a monstrosity, I am not a criminal after all and this little worm-like piece of human filth was not worth the problems I would encounter were I to do so. Then there was the moral constraints, after all this little thing which at one time had probably been a girl probably only weighed as much as one of my legs and its smug little face was only about the size of my fist, even though I am almost 6 foot and 244 pounds and classify as a heavy-weight making such an act criminally and morally reprehensible the desire to drive my fist into the smiling contenance was almost unstoppable.

I sat down on a bench on my favorite square soaking up the sun dressed in a classic three piece of muted military coloring and sporting a strict tie and shirt in the color of mourning in monochromatic style or à la page (or whatever the term is) with by my very presence boldly making a silent protest to the secret street teams of multiple intelligence agencies who infest the area around the buildings surrounding my favorite square and certain offices of my favorite president. The term à la page is a good one, with one of its meanings being "in the know" and my presence was one that could only have meaning for those in the know, especially given the fact that the art of sending messages through clothes and gesture is one that is all but lost. Clothing, body language and gesture are excellent means of subtle remote non-verbal subliminal communication, something wholly lost on the crass classless youth and 5th columnists running around today in Moscow, with only those "in the know" understanding the subtleties and beautiful nature of the art. It is the subtle nature that is lost on these mindless, crass and zombified youth who think screaming "I love America" in their choice of attire, will have some effect other than provoking disgust, rage and homicidal anger, on those around them. They understand that they are being provocative and literally spitting on their own culture and ancestors yet they fully miss the point that subtlety and grace are much more effective than crassness and in-your-face "trans" whatever, but this is not about them and I have no desire in engaging in a deep psychological critique that they can reverse engineer to become more effective. My goal in putting all this down is helping you to identify the provocateurs, for this is what they are, even if they do not know it themselves as most of them are completely zombified by "popular culture" and the devices they keep their faces glued to.

As I sat down observing, watching, sensing and soaking up the benign northern sun, basking in its life-giving warmth knowing it would soon be gone as we are soon to be once again be thrown into our almost endless life sapping sunless winter, giving the appearance of an old harmless man, smoking my Yavas and appreciating the voluptuousness of the beautiful women passing by in an almost endless stream of natural temptation, I continously took note of the street teams and the watchers, watching me watching them.  As always I can not go into too much detail for security reasons, but the couple hours were quite revealing in the level of almost open operations that the CIA and MI6 are blatantly carrying out right in the heart of Moscow.     

The Cafe/Bar Called Counter Intelligence... Had I had money I am sure I would have enjoyed a nice meal there.


For an old friend I must remark that the Maharishi Effect is real but it is in the reverse engineering of it, or what I call the Reverse Maharishi Effect, where the true beauty lies. With that said we will get into Remote Viewing and Psychic Spies in a minute but first let me continue with what I observed.

Blatant, bold and brazen are about the best three words that can describe the CIA Operations on the square with even the CIA's officer coming in to physically observe and contact the street teams and further to meet some source or other while being watched every minute (At about 17:36 for those manning the "secret" surveillance cameras. He was wearing a JCPenney light blue shirt, wearing silver wire framed glasses with fake glass, about 35, 173 meters, casual grey slacks and "sporty" dress shoes. He passed by and I looked after him three times). How do I know this? For one being a Targeted Individual (TI) has some great pluses from a security standpoint and the standpoint of Security Services worldwide trying to counter CIA/MI6/MOSSAD FVEY operations, teams and agents. All we have to do is turn on our cells or devices and go sit down somewhere, especially at a location of interest, and sooner or later the spooks show up, thinking they are being covert and operating in secret. Wonderful way to expose methods, individuals and more importantly Coms.)))  I encourage all Security Services to help and support TIs as from a Counter Intelligence viewpoint, they (we) are invaluable as our targeting exposes the agents tracking, observing, hunting and surveilling us, LULZ. We can term this as Counter Targeting Reverse Identification (or CTRI) for those of you obsessed with abbreviating everything. TIs can thus be priceless assets in the Counter Intelligence War.

Back to the Ops. The most blatant were two solo picketers outside the office of my beloved President. Here it is important to note that the CIA has stopped making signs in English which made them so easy to spot that it was actually hilarious. However the CIA/MI6 hand is clear in the messages because the idiots always construct their provocations and information operations in the same way. Over and over and over, like a lunatic who never learns from his mistakes. One of the ridiculous signs was about an issue that even the Russians passing by were stopping to basically ask "WTF is that for?", the other was a classic CIA color revolution flipping of reality. A picketer (a thin woman of about 42, 168 meters with auburn hair) was holding a sign with the Russian three color as a back drop and a little Ukrainian flag in the lower left corner that asked the question "Why isn't there a prisoner exchange?" Hilarious! Two days ago Russia sent all of the "sailors" involved in the Kerch provocation back to Ukropia. Ukraine just released a Russian journalist and the real question that should be asked needs to be asked in Kiev regarding the Donbass defenders, not some fake bullshit being asked in Moscow. But that is how the CIA works using anything possible to demonize and smear Russia and using their psychotic transference in blaming everyone under the sun for their own crimes. Who the hell is the CIA to talk about prisoner releases when they have been holding hundreds if not thousands of innocent people without trial and in secret at their black locations worldwide and most blatantly at the Guantanamo dungeon?

I went up to the woman and asked her if she was stupid or simply uniformed and mentioned the recent exchanges. Which caused her to abandon the picket as three minutes later her controllers showed up (three of them) and they had some heated exchange and the woman walked off and sat down next to me on the bench half a block away. It was understandable what had occurred and I had no need to know further what was already obvious so I did not engage her in conversation, although I could feel she wanted to talk. Of course I was just a harmless old man basking in the sun smoking my Yavas. LULZ 

As for the teams? Well, they started showing up about three minutes after I arrived at my "basking" location, however they were even brazen enough to expose themselves to me by placing a call to me right after I arrived at my location and entered the building, as if I was supposed to be scared and run into the corner and suck my thumb. Of course this might have been my friends warning me as well, so hey thanks for the call! Kind of hard to tell when you don't identify yourselves and there are 7 surveillance teams tracking you.))) 

Be back in a few... Have to post some news...

Later I don't think this or anything else will ever be finished. It is getting time to make the big exit. I have to make some sort of arrangements. We have no friends, no supporters, no funds, no social guarantee, still no work and no help from anyone. 9.11.19 seems like a good day to exit. In the above what was most interesting is how they disappeared like cockroaches when I took the battery out of my phone. The rest you will never know unless I decide to share.

Much Later:

POST TWO: Mordovia and Yandex Tracking


The entire Republic of Mordovia is basically a prison zone and in fact it is the perfect place to put people away on fabricated charges. Rhyazan was a city tried to avoid like the palgue. I was subjected to tracking by a team of 19 vehicles on a previous trip and was forced to turn on Yandex Navigator on the return trip for the sole reason that the speed zone change unexpectedly and Yandex has a speed zone function which tells you the speed limit on every road. I followed this attempting to use Yandex anonymously thinking it would not be used to track me personally. It proved to me that Yandex uses your MAC address to track you. So no matter what Sim card or account you have you must change physical devices as well to combat their punitive actions. In this case entrapment into speeding fines. I am an old man and drive very very carefully and during the whole trip back used Yandex Navigator with a three kilometer over the limit warning and stayed within that limit. However I received two speeding violation through my Yandex e-mail when I returned even though I had deleted all of my person data from Yandex and deleted the Yandex fines application and even opened a new account. This is the scary part, I still got the warnings from Yandex in my e-mail into my new account even though I had never entered it or used it to check Yandex fines. They connected me with my MAC and my reserve e-mail. So here is the criminal scam, they post speed limits and if you follow them you will be in violation of the law. Given that Yandex is plugged into the raod camera system and the Russian passport and registration and driver's license and vehicle registration databases and also has access to your banking data, home location, MAC addresses of your devices and full device access to cameras, microphones, SMS messages, contacts and everything you browse and see on-line, including your passwords and logins if you use their browser, Ywandex is a security nightmare and must be banned from operating in Russia as it is a FVEY based company. This is important not only for me being a Targeted Individual but for every Russian citizen and ever person in the Russian Federation.

The MOSSAD Agent who tired to join my friends list on VK after the publication of article on Epstein.



Very saddened by the death of my favorite neighborhood cat who attempted to cross the street in the cross walk like a law-abiding citizen and was mowed down by scum

September 03, 2019 - Just the other day I was thinking that I need to take some pictures of this cat, he was a real thing to watch out of my window. He would climb on the roof of the building next door, and on top of cars and I even saw him two kilometers from home. If I had something yummy I would share it with him which was rare but he would come up to me and say hi. He was my little cat friend. Well today he was run over by a car. I went to the window and looked out and some man was carrying him out of the street and laid him there in the grass. I am saddened by the loss of this little life and even more so that no one around me would even care. People have grown so accustomed to tragedy and violence and even revel in it as they take selfies overjoyed that it is not them but never once stopping to think of those in pain or even offering a helping hand. I know it could be me in the photograph below, hit by a car, lying dead by the side of the road and I know that no one would care, even less than I care about this poor neighborhood kitty. I very saddened by the death of this cat and even more so because I know that no one else even understands what empathy and humanity are anymore and no one else would be as saddened as I. People do not care about people anymore, and so how other than fake concern, could they possible care about some cat? Be back later. Maybe. And thank you to my real friends in Sweden, in Donbass, Crimea, Mordovia and Russia. You have kept us alive and we are happy in the improved bunker... God bless you... and I will pray for this kitty's little soul as I pray for all my children and all of you and hope that we will one day win over the evil in the world...




September 02, 2019 - I have been working on the Epstein affair here http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Pizzagate_News.htm

the failing Color Revolution attempt here http://www.jar2.com/Topics/US_5th_Column_in_Russia_Part_Two.html

NATO Global expansion here http://www.jar2.com/Articles/2019/World_Takeover.html (for which I have to thank all of the "Western" publishers whom I submitted this work to and who are to cowardly and terrified to publish it, thanks to your never ending silence I know we are on the right track)


my trip to see my son here http://www.jar2.com/Articles/2019/Free_John_Robles_III.html

If you reposted or linked please update. Thank you

911/Epstein/Clinton/MOSSAD/CIA/MI6 and the End of the Pedo Elites  +Plus, Jumping on the Globalist/NWO/4th Reich Express Train to Hell: 911 Collusion in Fakery

August 31, 2019 - New articles in the works. How's it going Jack? Feeling the steel of your trap? Sure you are.

Dear readers, I would love to hear from you. Please e-mail me at jar2@jar2.com. Thanks

POST TWO: Be scared I am working behind the scenes:)))

Excerpt from GCHQ/NSA intercepted e-mail from JAR2:  Seth Rich met MI6 officer Craig Murray and passed him two red flash drives… Once in hand the hit team closed in… They acted quickly but a passer by came across the scene and he was not finished… He ended up in the hospital… He was stable and in normal condition… They dressed as police officers came in and killed him… then the real cops showed up… All videos was then “lost”…. This is the version I was able to compile from first minute witness reports, sources and the breaking news reports that were then wiped… Plus plane records for Murray and the rest… Murray flew in from London… Met Rich in the park … took the drives and then flew back to London…. Murray has a long history of working with the CIA and MOSSAD probably on renditions…. I exposed Premier Executives with Murray… He was involved which is how he knew… I need to release all of the cuts from all of my hundreds of interviews,,,,, there are hundreds of candid hours of recording with before and after interview discussions that would shake the foundations…. http://www.jar2.com/Interviews/Craig_Murray.html

POST THREE: A big CORPORATE congratulations to AE911TRUTH, for proving they are shills and hacks and profiteers... They promise some bullshit on the anniversary if you donate huge amounts... Since they refuse to publish my name on their fake ass petition and refuse to even discuss DEWs or Israel it is clear who they serve. A BIG FU from JAR2

POST THREE: I made the mistake of watching TV. I found a nice Russian video channel with some of my favorite Russian pop music on it and they throw in Toni Braxton and some weird blonde creature signing about her prescription drugs and New World Order life.... A Russian friend asked what they were singing about and all I could answer was "perversion" and "sex". What the hell is wrong with America putting out pure garbage like that? (Rhetorical question...) What the hell is with Toni Braxton grabbing her crotch is what I mean and the other one had some guy come out of his wifes closet wearing her clothes and she reacted with some sick perverted joy... We hear and write and talk about the LGBTQBNIDP et al agenda in the sick USA but seeing it in action is something else entirely... I feel as if my brain was raped... Which in fact it was... No longer mind f@cks from Murkha now mind rapes...

POST FOUR: Yeah I have a lot to say today... 

POST FIVE: MI6 sends a picture of my ex-wife. Am I supposed to care? Get depressed and kill myself? Am I supposed to get scared and self-cenosr and crawl in the corner and suck my thumb? Not today sorry. Thanks for the evidence against her and you is all I can say. I see that Mike Smith and Tony Holland the pedo are still up to their same old bullshit. Give it up ass bites.

Traffic to the Site Keeps Growing Yet Financial Support is at Zero

August 30, 2019 -  First I want to thanks the Swedes who were almost our only supporters last month. This message does not apply to you. I am also happy traffic is up, BUT where are the links, messages and support? To the endless anonymous voyeur-like-visitors and data suckers! I am extremely disappointed in all of you. Are you so scared that you will not even post a link to help my innocent son? Your silence makes you an accessory to the injustice we have faced. You have all been programmed to support only those you are told to support and when faced with the real deal and an honest journalist and whistleblower who truly exposes crimes, you all hide in the corner and suck your thumbs, am I properly understanding your silence? Even my last article which I offered to several publications to publish for free because they are also afraid and are not real truth outlets but merely more of the same Limited Hangouts. How can the world ignore the multiple genocides taking place today? Meanwhile you keep sucking up Terabytes of data from JAR2. Shame on you for your cowardice and indifference YOU suck. And of course to the "Russian" CIA MOCKINGBIRD media which sucked up the Assange Operation and protects Israel but ignores the real asylee and the real leak site, yes my "colleagues" who are nothing but Presstitutes and CIA controlled lackeys. But the bell tolls for them and it is merely a matter of time before even "orange' propaganda is exposed for what it is: another way to promote the MOCKINGBIRD and subvert the Russian State. Now they will promote the USA taking over space when the fake genociders have never even been to the moon, and more importantly (Apollo 6) and endlessly state how it is normal for US companies to suck billions out of Russia in the Arctic. How is it possible to deal with such sheep? If you can not make a donation of even a couple bucks then you could at least link to our material, repost articles or interviews or whatever else you find with the only condition being you add a link back to JAR2. Is even that too much to ask? Yesterday we had almost 4,000 NEW visitors... Where is the result?????? Nothing... Silence....



Remember 9/11? We do

August 29, 2019 - Hello Margarita, Dmitry and Jacob we see all of the PR for the new "nice Nazi" face of the CIA's nazi regime appearing all over the federal channels in Russia and the complete failure of all Russian presstitutes to connect the Rothschilds with Kolomoisky and the installation through "consulting" of a Rothschilds Central Bank, the stealing of the Ukraine's gold and the fact that Macron, Johnson and Trump are all Rothschild men. I wonder what President Putin will say when he finds out how you all destroyed your own journalist and put away his son for the Clintons the CIA and all of that money you get to buy your Brabus Mercedes cars and flats and all the rest. I know why RT, in the words of your editors is "scared of me". You are afraid of truth because even though you lie and lie and lie and hide your lies with even more lies pretending to run "gray", the "white" then "black" propaganda, all you are really doing is serving Chabad Lubavich, MOSSAD and the CIA. The Clinton's went down and will end badly, Epstein went down, US citizen Petro and your friend Dimitry also went down. You didn't really think I would just forget what you did to the Voice of Russia did you? You are threats to Russian State Security and threats must be and are now being dealt with. In answer to Mihailkov's words "for whom the bell tolls", the bell tolls for you.

You sell disinformation, I expose truth. Do you feel the difference? Remember the Right Sector trains to Crimea which I reported on and saved untold thousands? Remember 9/11, Boston for which Russians died and the Boneyard to mention a few? All of which you refuse to report on? Not all members of the Russian Government agree with "lucre for silence" especially when it involves selling out Mother Russia.

NEW The Director, McFaul, Chabad Lubavich, the FBI and the Pedo...  

August 28, 2019 - I am writing live to the site at the link below as time permits... This should be huge but it is being ignored because today, unless the media tells you to care nobody actually gives a shit about anything or anyone... I am tired 


NEW Dear Readers Sorry for the Delay on Article...  

August 27, 2019 - Message from my son. Translation and my commentary soon to follow. I still can not get my head around it... I keep returning to my files and lists of secrets and evidence and one stands out more than any other. It is to them all a joke, so I must expose them but to whom????? Nobody cares and nobody listens!!! They took away all my human rights now I am just supposed to die... Okay... but before I do EVERYTHING will come out


August 26, 2019 - Article one is published. Working on the next. Please share, spread, repost, (buy?)... The next is about my son so A - Ihave to be careful and B - I have to be careful (((


August 25, 2019 - Working on three different things..Plus real-world business which has been prioritized due to its importance. Will release two articles this evening....Thank you for your patience...

August 23, 2019 - Still writing, editting and revising. When you finally see it you will hopefully understand why... All of it is a fucking joke.

Multiple individuals involved in new article.

08-24 Waiting for review from principles before publication.... Sorry for the delay everyone(((


NEW Dear Readers! We Are Back! Working. News and Articles Coming Soon  

August 22, 2019 - Will be releasing an article this evening. Right now am getting you the news and getting back in the loop... Cheers and please support my endless work, which has begun again! Have a lot to report!

Still working on my latest article but for now an answer to some trolls, whose quality is declining.

20:58 I keep getting infantile provocateurs trying to argue with me on social media. It is sad that they are so young and so stupid and so ready to do whatever America wants them to do. I might remind you youngsters that I was a geo-political commentator for the Voice of Russia World Service in English and I am an investigative journalist who does my homework. Remember that when you try to push your mindless talking points lacking any really facts or arguments. You come to a gun fight with a knife that way. It only shows me how pathetic the Western programming and education really is. Here is the post from VK after I black listed the user. 

Вы любите Навального? Какая у него программа, которая сделает вашу жизнь лучше? Как марионетка Госдепа и попугай, все что у него есть-это "Путин плохой, Америка хорошая". Навальный пытался свергнуть российское правительство и неконституционно захватить пост президента. Его содержание предвыборного штаба, когда он даже не был в избирательном бюллетене, является ярким свидетельством этого. Он является агентом ЦРУ c псевдонимом "FREEDOM". Коррупция-это реальная проблема в России, но это проблема для России, а не для США или какой-то другой иностранной державы. Навальный-предатель матушки России, как и любой другой, берущий иностранную наживу для свержения правительства.

You love Navalny? What program does he have that will make your life better? Like the State Department puppet and parrot he is, all he has is "Putin bad, America good". Navalny attempted to overthrow the Russian government and unconstitutionally seize the office of President. His maintenance of a campaign headquarters when he was not even on the ballot is clear evidence of this. He is a CIA backed agent with the pseudonym "Freedom". Corruption is a real problem in Russia, BUT it is a problem for Russia to deal with NOT for the USA or some other foreign power. Navalny is a traitor to Mother Russia as is anyone else taking foreign lucre to overthrow the government. That is called treason.


Internet Was Down  

August 20, 2019 - We had to come back to deal with our Internet being down for some unexplained reason. Will be back on the 22nd.

MOSSAD/ASTEROIDS Rothschild Death Grip is Loosening  

August 14, 2019 - We will be taking a week off. We have been on-line 24/7 for over 3 years now. We hope you continue to visit JAR2 and invite you to take the time to go through the archives and our curated leaks, articles and files.

I wanted to leave you all with one quick word about Epstein and the PedoFiles but given the endless multiple layers of facts compounded by endless obfuscations and yet even more layers of facts gleaned from the distractions and rabbit hole detours leading to nowhere being put out by fake "Alternative" sites and the presstitute MOCKINGBIRD media, a "quick word" is not possible. The permutations are endless and I will be taking the week to put all of the pieces of the puzzle where they belong. Everything is here on JAR2 and in my files, it is just too much to process quickly and shoot off an article that it is MOSSAD who was behind the entire affair.

First don't believe everything you read in the Western Press and if you watch the news and follow world events as much as I do then hopefully you have learned to ignore the propaganda and lies and see through the media charade and if not learn to do so.

In all of my investigations, research for my reports and articles and all of the millions of files I have poured through over the last two decades or more, there are always certain facts that stand out, and as an investigator will tell you, it is usually in one simple overlooked fact that conspiracies are unraveled. For me that fact was contained in a report I read decades ago and which will be revealed later. However all of the facts below support my conclusion and I will leave you with a few seeds for thought.

1. It is no coincidence the FBI has now classified "Conspiracy Theories" as terrorism.

2. Trump is just as guilty and is even dirtier than Clinton and they actually serve the same master. Which of course you already know and if you have been keeping up is the same entity which brought you the WikiLeaks entrapment operation.

3. MI6, the FBI and the CIA are trying to lay everything on MOSSAD's doorstep. However they are also involved and there is no way they were not.

4. I mentioned the Asteroids in the Seth Rich articles I wrote and this is where almost all roads lead. The ASTEROIDS started as an assassination team for Rothschild and World Bank Security. Now they have become so powerful that they can in fact be compared to the intelligence agency of a large nation state. The ASTERODS members and operatives exist outside of any nations laws and until there is a global, independent judicial body with teeth they will continue to amass power. However they are extremely weakened now and now is the time to strike. Their main tool was the blackmailing and "kompromat" they had on the elites and their main funding comes from the American machine which they have almost sucked dry. 

5. 96% of USA Lawmakers are pedophiles or sex criminals.

6. The same group that killed for the Clinton's took out Seth Rich and now Epstein. They are also responsible for 9/11, MKULTRA and the Kennedy Assassination as Dr. Kevin Barret pointed out. They staged the Moon Landing Hoax and the WikiLeaks entrapment Operation. They are multi-national and use elements in all of the Black Operations and Covert Divisions of the FVEY countries (which includes Israel), they had a base in Eritrea and are in fact above the Black Operations Communities. They serve the Corporations and the World Power Pyramid and the key is Rothschild who wants to rule the world. They have elements in all Intelligence Agencies even in Russia. Just look for the leaders of special joint operations. You will begin to unravel the ASTEROIDS network. SIPRNET and the New Network we exposed not long ago are their principle means of communications. Crypto currencies are now their latest means for laundering their Black Money, including lucre from the global heroine trade. They are above NATO and their elements can also be found among rogue GLADIO elements and PAPERCLIP figures.

To call them CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, Illuminati or Zionist is disingenuous. These are walls and endless rabbit holes for investigators. They are the New World Order and Bruce Gagnon is the closest, they are Nazis. Ahskenazis. Yet they are much more evil because even Hitler and the Nazis were their creation. They are categorically against Russia and historically responsible for the slaughter of the Romanovs. 

7. Pizzagate and Epstein, according to the legal documents we released, were in fact being investigated heavily after the release of Epstein's Little Black Book, proving Pizzagate and Pedogate are real.

8. Epstein may be in the USA's Federal Witness Protection Program.

9. The fact that a judge released documents points to the possibility that there are judicial instruments NOT under their control.

10. No one is above the law. Expect us. Tick-Tock beAches)))

When we come back we will tear apart the Color Revolution attempts here in Russia and finish our investigation and conclusions the AAS and more!

If you need to contact me send a message to my cell +7-901-718-8391 or message me on VK https://vk.com/johnrobles2

Keep your eyes on the ball: 9/11 was an INSDIE JOB!

Ukraine Anti-Constitutional Nazi Coup and Genocide a MOCKINGBIRD Op  

August 09, 2019 - Since 2013 when I was on the air covering the first hours of the Maidan, I have never ceased to be amazed at the alternate reality in which what has proven to be a truly psychotic "Western" media, exists. Journalism and truth for the West have truly become an Atavism as is proven every single day by the CIA/NATO fabricated low intensity war created in Ukraine.

The reality that innocent civilians are being killed in Donbass to support a CIA concocted military grade psychological media operation as an indirect attack on the Russian Federation, in a sane world, would have had Ukraine begging Russia for protection from the USA and NATO, but Ukraine was taken over from the inside by puppets who supported the CIA fabricated fake reality and whose fate will soon be mercilessly determined.

I regret to have to say that we are dropping posts by zerohedge to a minimal level if any due to the following fact twisting propaganda fabrication. 

Ukraine's Zelensky Presses Putin For Peace Talks After Four Soldiers Killed      

Zerohedge used to be a good source for honest reporting and truth but it has gone the way of many other alternative outlets by politicizing its reporting in a shameful a$$ kissing, boot licking, pandering, racist subservient manner to Trump and the racist global anti-Russian agenda. Again I remind the fact-challenged western "reporters" that Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine. The CIA brought nazis to power in an illegal, unconstitutional coup and those nazis then started slaughtering those against them and ethnic Russians for their CIA masters. I suggest you read my book Nuland's Nazis, which is filled with facts nobody wants you to know.


Fake "Color" Revolutions vs Real Revolutions or "My Beliefs Are Not for Sale"

Не будьте идиотоми и верьте в пропаганду Госдепа - Don't be an idiot and believe in State Department propaganda
Оставайтесь дома. Прочитайте книгу. Помогите пенсионерке. Дайте приют бездомной кошке. Посадите дерево. Очистите улицу или подъезд. Скажите своим близким, что вы их любите. Сходите в церковь. Посетите музей. Отправляйтесь на прогулку на природу. Сходите на концерт. Зачем разрушать свою жизнь, будучи арестованными за политические амбиции агентов Гос Деп? Они любят Россию? Они за вас переживают? Хоть каплю? Они бы пошли на протест в поддержку вас даже, если тебя убили ? Не будьте идиотами!
Мир вам всем!!!)))

August 05, 2019 02:29 - I was recently asked by a Russian person if my belief in Communism in my youth was because I was "misled". I stated no it was not and went on to explain how now the 1% rule the 99%. As often is the case the perfect answer just came to me. Two days later! However in it I have finally been able to formulate into one simple idea what the entire problem is right now not only in Russia but around the world and why exactly it is that the elites and the CIA and other intelligence agencies continue to foment and support color revolutions, which as is the case in Moscow, are only for the purpose of allowing "elites" to get their hands on state wealth.

Color revolutions kill true revolutionary spirit and draw into their vortex many people who are dissatisfied but unfocussed. This kills true revolutionary spirit, but that is not what I had wanted to say exactly although the thought is valid.

My answer to such a statement and the entire problem I have had here in Russia can be defined by two simple facts and I have to thank this person for opening my eyes to it.

We, in our yearning for social justice and peace and equality were ready to die for the ideas of Communism. We risked death and could have been killed for being members of the party or worse as I was, a flag bearer or "militant" of the party.

Yes we were killed and were ready to die for our ideas and beliefs unlike many of the Soviet era Russians, especially Muscovites, who would have suffered had they NOT been members of the party and who were in the Komsomolets and "militants' of the party to obtain social status or favorable living conditions and perks (not all of course but the majority or else the USSR would not have collapsed).

Of course this person was convinced their belief was "mistaken" as it was not their belief to begin with. For me I was and am ready to die for my beliefs and that is the difference between real revolutionary spirit and fake McDonald's eating revolutionary spirit for hire, which is what the USAID and the CIA foment wherever they happen to be.

You can not kill a real idea just as you can not kill truth. However the phony little ideas pushed by 5th columns are fake and serve the "elites" and there is the soft spot, there is their weak link, there is the Achilles heal which can be used to destroy their entire phony culture. With one truth. We are all equal under God. All we need to do is educate the youth so that this truth and all truths are self-evident from the start.

Good Night,


PS Were the youth of yesterday taught properly and not had their heads filled with Liberal crap and Western garbage, I can guarantee you that they would not be running in the streets like thugs and zombies ready to defend some spoiled little Western educated rich brat who was not allowed to run for a minor city office killing her grandiose and long-term political ambitions.

PPS Just to make what I said absolutely clear about being ready to die for ideals. A real ideal, real truth is self-evident. By its very nature it calls forth such devotion. No one should be ready to protest, or clash with police or even get slightly injured for such a ridiculous reason as supporting some unknown, unpopular and completely fabricated candidate who came out of nowhere and did not meet the criteria to run for a small local office. None of these "candidates" have a platform or a plan or are even well-known. CIA color revolutions always fail in this regard (having ideological teeth) because the inherent idea behind them is always easy to spot, either consciously or intuitively. CIA color revolutions always have one goal only. The removal of one person or group of people from power with the subsequent replacement with a puppet. No amount of money can buy a puppet who truly believes in the lies they tell the people.

Real revolutions give power to the country and its people. Therefore any and every outside initiated or controlled revolution can only be seen as fake. As with Bolotnaya and all of the other CIA orchestrated color revolutions, the MKULTRA sex triggers are used (LGBT et al), psychotropic substances are introduced and the goal is only removing the leader, Putin in the case of the dreamed of Maidan in Moscow and now Sobyanin is targetted.

The Russian Government has filed a protest with the USA and Germany for interference in internal affairs, meaning this is a joint CIA run operation. I am very happy that the Russian Government is finally waking up and taking steps to protect the State, the country and the Russian people.

As for me I served the USSR and will continue to serve the Russian Federation so that she may be independent, strong and maintain her own sovereignty, culture and identity and so that she never becomes another US colony but rises to the position in the world she deserves.     

Again for those who didn't get it. The "demonstrations" in Moscow are not grass-roots actions, nor do they have popular support. Most of the "protestors" are not even Muscovites. Can you imagine if Russia paid protestors from Colorado to travel to Chicago to take part in demonstrations over a city council seat? That is what the CIA idiots have done and it is obvious, childish and completely ridiculous. 


Celebrating and Investigating: Will be back Saturday or Sunday   

August 02, 2019 - Very disappointed in all of you except the Russians, the Swedes and a couple of anonymous Westerns who wish not ot be identified.. The rest of you all suck up Terabytes of data every month but you can't donate the cost of a cup of coffee. We are on-line right now thanks to Russia and Sweden and a couple unknowables. Pay attention to the USAID page. Things will soon be revealed that will turn your stomach.

The Ongoing Genocide of Russians is Real   

August 01, 2019 - New post on the password protected blog.


Why Would the Director of the British Council (MI6) Be Interested in Me? 

July 29, 2019 - New post on the password protected blog. Plus Nicole Junkerman (MOSSAD) and Ghislane Maxwell (MOSSAD).

(Some facts the article missed.)


Small CIA Backed Provocation and Destabilization Effort Over in Moscow

BurgerFest in Gorky Park Lacked Scorpion Songs but Continues the Cultural Genocide of Russia

July 28, 2019 - The first thing that must be reported here is that these were NOT demonstrations. They were part of a carefully planned and organized provocation and media promoted psychological operation with the goal being the only goal the so-called Russian "opposition" has: to discredit President Putin and the government and attempt to install puppets.

This time the attempt to install puppets was in the Moscow City Duma, a springboard to higher federal level political positions and a cozy way to manipulate the monied classes, enter the criminal bribe pyramid, qualify for secret CIA and Western funding and reach what is called in Russia "the feeder".

These "protests" were not in any way grass-roots or widely supported. The largely unknown candidates with no real political capital, no track records, and parties with no platforms, no plans and no issues they are fighting for "other than subverting Russia further and turning it into a little America", were simply "candidates" that did not qualify taking to the streets using disaffected youth, paid groups and fringe elements who show up at any protest for anything, and the "events" were in fact simply self-serving in nature.

The attempt to use unknown players and so called candidates whose funding is secretly channeled through existing CIA rat-lines shows the desperation of the CIA and even their use of a Sobchak look-alike stinks to high-heaven of the racist blonde stereotype that the West is trying to promote.

One of the banned "candidates", Gudko, went so far as to confess openly that an attempt was underway at overthrowing the government. Openly stating that he was committing treason shows not only an exit plan but his belief that he is protected by some "higher-power". This idiot may have been a deputy at one time and even a former KGB colonel but he is completely and totally unheard of in Russia. Of course his "CIA controllers" don't know that. Him fighting alongside known puppets like Yashin, who even tried to cause a "rising up" of extremist Chechen elements in order to take down Ramzan Kadirov and was caught openly fabricating stories about Chechnya in 2015, makes it clear who he serves. If he ends up asking for asylum in Ukraine like Pnamarev we will know for certain. No doubt the FSB knows and someone else no doubt made a note of the attempted overthrow statement, but we will have to see if anything happens.

After being disqualified from running the assorted candidates began attempting to lead protest actions to serve their own interests and the Internal Ministry beginning last Thursday, began warning the public over the consequences of carrying out disruptive and illegal public activities. The protestors were warned so the arrest of over one thousand people can in no way be a surprise or said to be some sort of "crackdown" on protest. However these phony self-serving US funded puppets, like Navalny (CIA Agent Freedom) who did not even run for President but had an Election Office and was taking donations and being promoted by the CIA media and his CIA controllers (a template used by CIA South America Desk and Guido), have now seen that a crackdown has occurred on their treason.

To be perfectly honest, other than the moneyed, I-Phone carrying, US visa wanting, "I love America" class, Russians are completely sick and tired of the Liberals and their constant self-serving whining when there are real issues and real problems that must be solved and fought for.

Again these were not grass-roots actions. The only thing missing from the CIA playbook were OTPOR style fist logos.

While using unknown figures with almost no wide public support and no blocs or masses who they lead, might look good for the fake news factory and Russophobic "Russia and Putin are Evil" fabricators, all it does inside Russia is irritate and rally the masses behind President Putin and cause thousands of innocent people stupid enough to fall for calls to take to the streets (or in fact paid for) to be added to the rolls of those with criminal records.

With multiple warnings by the MVD, and no real issues to fight for, logically anyone showing up would have another reason. Namely being hired to.

As for unknown Gudkov, who stated that those who failed to protect him (their leader) were not humans while admitting he was taking part in an attempt to illegally overthrow the government, perhaps he will be the CIA's next Solzhenitsyn? But I doubt it. Nobody that stupid could be of use to the CIA. Or perhaps the CIA is even stupider than he is? Disgusting.

I think here it is important, although for me personally dangerous, to add that it is candidates like these who have raped Moscow and turned it into what it is today. Seeing that Sobyanin was not on board and seeing that Rogozin has actually made known what I have been saying for years (regarding media ops and those ordering them), coupled with the real arrests and dismantling of the criminal CIA installed and controlled machine that has turned Moscow into what one of my students referred to as a "10 grade science project" attempting to make it into a little America, perhaps there is hope that somehow Moscow may be returned to the glorious and wonderful capital of the Russian World that it once was.

According to the Liberals, clearly stated by Gudkov, and clearly demonstrated by policies and mechanism installed to punitively punish those not with it with the "turn Moscow into little America "hidden" agenda, anyone who doesn't support them are "NOT PEOPLE". So what are we? Colorado beetles?

Here is the quote: «Граждане России! В Москве — госпереворот. К власти рвется хунта. Она подрывает конституционные основы России. Ваши кандидаты задержаны: Яшин, Жданов, Дм. Гудков, Янкаускас. Отправляйтесь в ОВД, поддержите их. Если народ не может защищать и поддерживать своих лидеров — это не народ!» — сказал он.

"Citizens Of Russia! In Moscow — there is a coup. A junta is trying to grab power. It undermines the constitutional foundations of Russia. Your candidates are detained: Yashin, Zhdanov, DM. Gudkov, Yankauskas. Go to the police Department, support them. If a nation cannot protect and support its leaders — it is not a nation!" he said.

Источник: http://dnr24.su/mirovoe-soobschestvo/27056-v-rossii-zayavili-o-popytke-gosudarstvennogo-perevorota.html

In classic CIA and American fashion he called the sitting authorities a coup while projecting the real coup attempts actions on the targets of the coup. The classic use of transference only used by the idiot American CIA and their agents.

And NOW for the MAIN EVENT!!!

On the same day the real Disneyland conversion of Moscow continues unhindered with "BurgerFest" in Gorky Park. "BurgerFest"? In Gorky Park? Just like the 80s when Gorky PArk was the focus of the USSR destroyers. If you visit Moscow you will see what I mean. My former "Voice of Russia colleagues" who were part of the 5th column, one who saw everything that was being done (Svetlana Ekimenko) and one who was so brainwashed he actually did a radio program saying Che Gevarra killed Kennedy because he wanted to boink Jackie-O, will pronounce Russian metros station with phoney British accents in a mind killing attempt to make the metro "attractive to Europeans" while MKULTRAing the population into fantasizing they are in Little America and not Moscow the capital of the greatest country on Earth.  

"Бургерфест" и семейный фестиваль в Москве за полдня посетили более 250 тыс. человек

"Бургерфест" и семейный фестиваль в Москве за полдня посетили более 250 тыс. человек

Continue as you were. Soon they will outlaw Victory Day. Or not. The level of arrests would indicate that the patience of those of us who see what the Western backed puppets are doing is running out. Remember it was not the Communists who killed the Romanovs, it was the Liberals backed by the West. And they are still doing the same thing today. What we need in Moscow is PelminiFest, or BorschFest or MushroomFest.

McDonald's revenues must be down, because in the end for the Russophobe American loving class, it is only about the money and they would sell their children for a dollar.

Sorry Liberals but I would rather starve than support your sh!t.

UPDATE 30-07-2019: Most of these "protestors" were not from Moscow. I don't think it really requires any commentary other than stating the fact which speaks for itself. The only real variant here might be that non-Muscovites are tired of the impossibility to access all of the services that Muscovites have but that is not the reaon for these protests and the complete and total absence of pickets and signs makes it a very strange action indeed. Again these were not protests it was a carefully orchestrated provocation against the State.

In case you were not following the news, the Internal Ministry warned about holding unsanctioned actions multiple times days beofre these "actions" started. It is strange that no one was protesting BurgerFest. However it is not strange that they were timed to city-sponosred actions PROMOTING FAMILY. The Western LGBTPQINBD etc lunatics will do anything to destroy family values and solid social foundations. In that I think you will find the truth. Even the BurgerFest idea tookover the FAMILY DAY activities that had been planned by Moscow. Whoever planned the two events on the same day would be a person of interest with the obvious implication that FAMILY and Burgers must be seen to go together. This is corporate Western social engineering in action, right here in the heart of Russian, again McDonald's sales must be down.

Destroying the family unit and making it a slobering burger eating retarded entity is one of the first steps of the New World Order, but apparently nobody is really paying attention, and THAT my friends is the entire problem.

Should I mention the "protectionist" agreements McDonald's had with former Mayor Luzhkov? Is destroying Russian society and the wonderful Russian character of Moscow for profit and turning it into a "little America" while turning Russian society into a burger-eating-I-phone-using-Western-garbage-sucking-culture of zombies of any interest to anyone other than myself. I don't think so. It is extremely depressing to see what my beloved Moscow has become. I am sure the police know what I am talking about, it is really time for State Security to take measures to protect and educate the populace.  

Follow the link for more photos. The author tried to say the police were brutal and using force. However his own pictures prove that to be a lie. He has obviously never seen an illegal demonstration in America. The police were restrained and professional as usual. Most of the crowd did not look like Muscovites and some of the faces looked so stupid I don't even know if they knew what they were doing.


We Serve the Truth, Please Support the Fight

July 25, 2019

Dear Friend,

My best wishes to you all the way from (a bunker somewhere in the North of Russia).

There is a war going on, a global war where every single one of you is a target. It is an undeclared war. It is an illegal, covert, unconventional, aggressive war and the target is your mind. The goal is your enslavement and if necessary your elimination. This is not a drill or a test of the emergency broadcast system; this is the reality we have allowed ourselves to enter into. They call it Full Spectrum Dominance; I call it complete and total slavery.

Their weapons are all around you; your computer, your cell, your television, your stereo, your GPS device, your surveillance cameras, your refrigerator and anything else you may have connected on-line, including your children’s toys. This is not a delusional paranoid fantasy, but the actual reality that you have allowed yourselves to be led in to, like sheep to the slaughter. But as long as you are reading this and can access our resources all is not lost. That is not an exaggeration or misinformation, this is reality.

Under the phony War on Terror global censorship Full Spectrum Dominance paradigm, the foundation for a global police state, the last truly free and independent leak and transparency site in the world needs your support. You will not hear about us anywhere, people are too terrified to link to us, but we have existed on-line for over 16 years, made possible by our geo-location. You will not hear about anything we have been through, the bans from all Western controlled social media and fundraising platforms, the endless cyber and real-world attacks, the persecutions, prosecutions and the global character assassinations and smear campaigns. We are an inconvenient truth, a thorn in the eye at the top of the pyramid.

It has not been that difficult for them to demonize us, we are not the right race, we are not of the right political leaning and we exist in a demonized and targeted country which we love, something which we have suffered endlessly for.

Our only weapon is truth. Ultimate truth has no variants or shades or degrees. It is what it is and can not be distorted or angled or twisted to serve an agenda as the Trump Q-Anon operation has tried and tried to do. Truth is not a tool to be used by liars and thieves and mass-murdering psychopaths. Truth is something you serve, humbly and with little fanfare.

Since 2003 JAR2 has served Truth. If you dig around a little you will find every leak, every banned release of information and millions of facts and truths that THEY do not want you to know. They want you stupid and ignorant and because truth is power, they want the truth to only be known by the powerful and the rich and the “elites”.

One journalist recently pondered the question: “Can entire countries suffer from Cognitive Dissonance?”. Of course! When the population is brain-washed and fed lies and distortions from cradle to grave, that is what MKULTRA and MOCKINGBIRD are all about.

1984 was a warning. The lunatics with control of the levers and buttons used it as a blueprint and technology has made it all possible. Almost.

We desperately need your support to continue what we believe is a fight for all humanity. We need to increase our infrastructure, meaning servers, SSDs and other hardware. We also need new URLs and another ISDN as well as increasing security for out physical location. Despite the bans, the censorship, the black-listings and even programmed warnings by “security” software, our traffic is on the rise and has almost doubled in the past few months. We still do not use cookies or collect visitor information other than server logs which we destroy every month and only use to keep track of who is attacking us. We have never lost a source or compromised anyone we have associated with and unlike that other “leak” site, we have never had moneyed sponsors or media support. We exist outside of the mainstream and for the most part we are ghosts in the machine, which is fine. Anonymity is like a warm blanket. However even with everything stacked against us we are still here. Please help keep it that way and support, what I believe, is the most important work in the world, spreading truth.

Your servant in truth,



The Avatars of the Empire of Lies: Clarity in the Age of Deception

July 24, 2019 - Now that the daily hyped-up government controlled "poor Assange media spectacle" has ended with the untouchable disinformation HASBARA agent enjoying the company of Neo-Nazi cell neighbors and hopefully members of Anonymous and people he ratted on and helped put away, we can look at the methodology and the obvious (now even to the blindest) way in which he was used by the Empire of Lies to promote disinformation and stifle real revelations, terrorize real whistleblowers and in the end completely disseminate and in fact kill the global peace and truth movements which were a threat to the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex, the Zionist Entity and the New World Order freaks, whose very existence is based on lies which cover up their daily crimes against humanity and the ensalvement of 99% of the human race.

Just the simple fact alone that intelligence agencies now control the global media in a CIA MOCKINGBIRD HASBARA net of lies and censorship should have people up in arms worldwide but even that, like the war on journalism, has been normalized by the controllers of the Empire of Lies.

Today even "Truthers" who seek to reveal things they learn lie by omission not understanding the full picture and serve the illegal criminal New World Order by complaining of persecution which only serves the architects and the masters.

The now military grade multiple layers of lies, deception and skillfully and subtly promoted agendas are not visible to most consumers of the daily information we are all fed like pigs in sties and only those who have managed to raise to any level inside the media or control structures can actually see what they are truly doing, and it is horrendous.

Continue reading here: The Avatars of the Empire of Lies: Clarity in the Age of Deception

JAR2: The Truth is Very Close

Continue reading here: The Avatars of the Empire of Lies: Clarity in the Age of Deception

Good News: Totally Wonderful Non-Racist People All Around Me ))) 

July 24, 2019 - Published the NSA lists today and almost totally consolidated the CIA lists to one page. One thing that struck me is the complete lack of any Latino or non-white sounding names in all of the lists. Which should tell you what "Security Agencies" are really all about another is the number of embedded "analysts" and officers in "private" organizations and the number using USAID as cover. This should ring alarm bells but the world has moved on, nothing to see here, not important.  

Good News: Totally Wonderful Person at Sberbank Russia 

July 22, 2019 - I usually write about topics which need attention or require change but this time I just want to publicly thank Olga at my local Sberbank, the mystery manager who let me use her cell and then finally did what no one in Sberbank in Moscow was able to do for 10 years and that is synchronize all my data. Those close by know what I am talking about. Again thank you Olga and Sberbank for treating me like a human being. Looking for work. Translations, English instruction, editting, ghost writing, voice overs and projects. Open to suggestions.

Resume and more information here:


Donations to the site here:


Completely wonderful day in Mother Russia

Musya says: "I am a Muscovite not some damn sick-under-fed embassy cat."

July 22, 2019 - For the CIA spooks and all my enemies who regularly vist this blog. I had a GREAT day. LULZ all around. Keep on doing what you are doing and outing yoursleves and continue stewing in your racist hate and supremacist ignorance. I'll probably have a nice cup of tea, a wonderful meal and read a book after I go through the archives and decide what to release next. LULZ))) Oh those APPs are really great))) APPS? Did I say APPS?))) LULZ)))

This Blog has been locked down and access restricted 

July 21, 2019 - If you support our fight and are a friend of JAR2 please contact us for a password or make a donation to have 100% access to JAR2.

Four Days of Living Hell: A Look Into the Digital Hell World of the Future

July 12, 2019 - A job I did not get, 3 nights disassembling Android, complete financial wipe out, an apartment turned upside down, several thousand new grey hairs, three new knives in my back, a student who pulled an Ellie Driver and the realization that we have already lost the war, all because of an APP. I will tell you all about it later.

Later 7.17.2019: And of course the Assange shadow appears again after all of these posts. Media Intrigue: Spying on Julian Assange

The Digital Fascism of the "Elites": Who's Controlling the Grid?

LATER July 13, 2019 ATTACK: What if one day you were deathly ill and your digital medical records had been lost and your account showed a negative rating and you were just simply told to die?

The Attack

After the post above mentioning APPS, a recent post (July 03, 2019) stating that Yandex is NOT a Russian search engine, my June 22nd exposure of traffic cam manipulations and other efforts here in the real world and the area of the local net which I will not tell you about for security reasons, JAR2 was subjected to a 5 hour probe as IP addresses in the Netherlands (where Yandex is located) and several in Virginia (CIA et al) attempted to find weakness is our servers causing a shut down which lasted several minutes and amassing hundred Mb log files. You can see in one of the log files that they are using Web Cruiser 3.5 which is a forensic type tool to probe server and site weaknesses. We can also see all of the exploits the Virginia users attempted to manipulate including SQL, PHP ASP.net and the like and finally we see the use of Amazon (a CIA front). They apparently have no idea what I am really running on my servers so that is WONDERFUL or what I am capable of but it is too late for them now))) Like Assange they should have expected me.

Here is a partial collection of the data I have (Note: I will never publish everything I have or everything I know because that will give the enemy the knowledge they so crave as to my capabilites. Let's just say this is about 30%. We know who you are and where you are):

USA MIIC Full Spectrum Surveillance and Dominance Being Applied in Russia: AVG Blocks JAR2, Monitors Wifi Connections and Warns JAR2 is "Dangerous", only not the sites but our internal Wifi connection!

July 15, 2019 - This is truly insidious. Will upload a clearer picture later! Per the post above I spent four days last week attempting to first install an APP which required the latest Android and then was forced to upgrade a device to Android 9 which is "not supported" in order to install the APP only to learn that the service I needed is not available to Asylees. All of my efforts did however open up a wealth of information as to how we are all being manipulated and targetted by "elites" serving the New World Order and infiltrating Russian infrastructure right under the noses of Russian Security. My efforts may have caused a two day black out of my cell phone provider as I was tracing IP data packets going back to the NSA and CIA.  (No supporting files here)

A Provocation or a Job? llegal Targetting and Denial of "Unwanted Classes of People" to Access to Necessary Services OR How the "Elites" Block Taxes from Reaching the State OR Trust No One

The four days of hell started with the promise of a job. Whether the job was real or not or whether it was just another "Knife-in-the-Back" Op, by Michael McFaul's/USAID/CIA butt-hurt "elite 5th column" is still up for question but anyway I hoped for the best and as always planned for the worst. Beware of strangers bearing gifts and people who want to befriend you for no reason is generally the rule, coupled by trust but check, and thus after applied I decided to take this person for his word, although after the Director who proudly showed me McFaul's card while telling me he used to provide young boys for Dmitry Kisilev, my opinion of Directors is not all too high. So far the Director has not commented but we of course are open for anything he might have to say on this. SO far the jury is still out...

The job was a temporary one involving a film and was to have lasted a month and it was all a done deal except one thing, which he told me was a problem before I even tried. Namely I had to register as self-employed on the Sberbank site they could transfer my pay. They could have offered me a contract, or hired me as a temporary employee but they insisted that I do so only on Sberbank. So as a law abiding citizen who wanted to pay taxes I tried and then the games began.

Day One, Monday, July 10, 2019: I got the call about the job and was a little excited but very skeptical for some reason but I thought "Why not?" let me give it a shot! So first I visited the Sberbank site and read up on all of the details. Seemed easy enough. All I had to do was answer a few questions and select which card to attach to incoming payments. I first entered my account page on-line and searched for this function only to come up empty. Nowhere. So I went to the local branch and waited for my turn and spoke with the manager who told me that I had to call the bank in order to activate this status. For some reason she told me that the bank had voice recognition software in place and that the bank would recognize my voice. Creepy but okay.

I went home and the fun was just beginning. I dialed the number and a robotic female voice answered not giving me any option to speak to an operator or to deal with the issue I needed help with. The computer was supposed to react to voice commands but it did not understand anything I was saying. In the end, after 25 calls and screaming at it I finally got through to a live person. I was flustered at this point having spent about 5 hours on this crap already and he told me that he could not help me and that the only way to register as self-employed, so as to pay taxes, (Yes I was trying to pay taxes!!!) was by using their APP. Nice. Only through the APP he said. There is no other way. So what? Okay. Install the APP and then register. Great!


No not great. I have, or I had is better, a rooted Android device (another ridiculous tech nightmare as Android will not allow you to install APPS wherever you want) and the bank's APP would not install on my device. Okay. I really needed this job so I factory defaulted my device and reinstalled all of the Google crap that I had blocked and deleted and which I can not allow to be used against me. So I searched the play store find the APP and lo and behold my device is too old and the APP will not install on it. Now what? Upgrade my Android Kit Kat, which is fine for what I need it for, or try to find an older version of the APP? Upgrading Android was not an option so I searched the web for an older copy of the APP since I knew the older APP was compatible as I had used it before but it was nowhere to be found. It took several hours of searching after a trip to the local computer shop to see if the computer guy could help but apparently I knew more than him, so I finally found it and installed the APP, which required a manual install into Android. I won't go into details but I discovered processes in Android that were sending packets to IPs under NSA/CIA and GCHQ. I took Android apart. It is a spy device. Anyway the older APP worked but lo and behold the function I needed was not included. It is only on the latest version of the APP.

The APP required Android 8 or newer and after almost bricking my device and doing an impossible upgrade the APP still did not install as my hardware was not supported. So what next? I needed a new mobile device in order to simply install the bank's APP. Being as Android 8 and above are only available on high end new devices I had a real problem as I live in abject poverty and don't have 400 bucks or more to go and buy a new mobile device in order to install an APP. I called the "Director" and explained the predicament and asked why there was no other way to hire me. He said that was it. By this time it was already Friday and he told me the job started Monday and they needed the bank numbers by evening. What to do? No money and no one to borrow the money from so I decided it was time to create a radical solution. Something I should have done right away. Of course I could not hack the bank or install a virtual device as this would have been illegal, so I came up with the only logical answer I could.

I went back to the bank and found the girl I had spoken to on Monday I explained everything to her and asked her if she could simply login into my account with her device and her APP. She was unbelievably helpful and understanding and agreed after making sure she would not be fired. So we sat down and logged in and found the function and once again, like with Yandex... The "function" was not available to people with asylum. End of story. Almost. It gets worse.

I called the "Director" and he informed me as a matter of fact that "The government has installed a series of measures to make it impossible for anyone who is not Russian to get a job". Being as according to Russian Law and the Russian Constitution I am supposed to have all of the rights of Russian citizens this would make this illegal. Now what?

In short what we basically have is an instrument that is forcing people who are self-employed to either perish or avoid paying taxes. From the perspective of State Security this is an instrument and infrastructure that is in fact depriving the state tax coffers of billions of rubles.  

As for Yandex? In contradiction to Russian law Yandex does not send a statement for payments or transactions made through its system thus avoiding taxes. Being as Yandex is based in the Netherlands one wonders how many billions of rubles are being stolen from Russia. Especially in the road camera fine payment category. Basically a foreign actor is making profits off of the traffic violations of Russian drivers.

Bad? It gets worse as we go down the digital rabbit hole of mass surveillance and military grade gang-stalking. Not paranoid inducing enough yet? On the 15th I get the e-mail below stating that anything against Israel is not in the "Community Guidelines" as they are a "protected group" meaning they can get away with mass-murder and genocide and even though I am a "protected individual" with asylum the US and its agents can target me wherever I am. My answer was a very public one and I challenge the idiots at YouTube to delete my account.

Fact: Google/YouTube Accessories to 9/11 False Flag Terrorist Attack

Dear YouTube, You and FakeBook and all the rest think your platforms matter. I haven't logged in to YouTube for almost a year and to FakeBook even longer. I could not care less even if you delete my account. You serve US "Intelligence" and "Israel" and there is no way you can force the world to do the same no matter how hard you try. Go ahead delete my account please. Your are an atavism spreading disinformation and trying to censor the Internet and the truth. By your censorship you have proven yourselves accessories to mass-murder. You are approaching your inevitable end. YouTube protecting the mass-murdering NeoCon Zionist Fraudster SCUM which carried out 9/11.

Google Protecting WikiLeaks Limited Hangout to Hide CIA and MOSSAD Involvement and 9/11 Coverup

LATER July 16, 2019: It appears I am getting too close to someone's "secret" surveillance grid. After the post dated 07.12, JAR2 was subjected to a five hour probe from Virginia and the Netherlands. See the July 15th, post above for the continuation to this "saga".

July 16, 2019

This gets weirder and weirder. A secret friend came over on Saturday and while connecting their high-end Android 8 phone to my internal hidden Wi-Fi Network a warning came up that jar2.com was dangerous. They tried to do a screen grab of the warning message but it did not work, so I attempted to photograph it and even though the focus was clear it came out as the mess above. Sure Google wants Russian Wi-Fi routers to be patched for the NSA that is understandable but this warning means that somewhere they are storing my internal network information. Their phone also reports on traffic nearby from America, how many steps the person walks every day, where their friends are, what the weather is and provides creepy suggestions based on searches and purchases. It also blocks sites and individuals who the "Shadow Masters" deem to be "dangerous". These "services" now want to control and hold your money when the issuing and saving of money should be under the control of the state. So here we have international actors ala Rothschilds who do not want to pay taxes to any state and want to have their money secure internationally, able to get money from wherever they want in the world, again tax free.  As for US Full Spectrum Gang Stalking and Surveillance? Being as I am the only American with asylum in the Russian Federation and all of these Internet resources trying to poke little knives in my life are American, I would say this is not a case of paranoia but of specific targetting either by individual or group. They would kill, destroy or "inconveniencce" thousands to get one target. Hopefully somone is paying attention.

The SSL Lie

Finally I will leave you with the SSL scam. Anyone who knows about encryption and wants secure communications knows that you do not use a middle-man. Which is exactly what SSL servers are. Not only can they decrypt all of the communications between your servers and your clients but they know ever time someone visits your site and exactly what they do there. This is why Yandex and Chrome and Mozilla are now promoting SSL and warning that sites without SSL are "unsafe". Just think about this, every time you visit a site with SSL, your browser also contacts that site's certificate authority so that every visit is logged to the authority's servers. Why else would you get a warning about SSL for sites such as for JAR2 where no interactive transactions are talking place? They want to track you. I installed SSL under recommendations from Yandex, however my site was not upgraded in search nor did my traffic increase in over 3 years because of SSL. If you want to stay secure DO NOT use SSL. It is the TROJAN HORSE MAN IN THE MIDDLE. That is all for now from Cyber Hell. Cheers and stay anonymous.

Oh, I almost forgot the road camera incidents....

The Brainwashing of Russia: Putin is Not the Problem You Are

July 11, 2019 - Operational Report in Brief: The 5th column is not resting and will never stop serving the New World Order until they are re-educated or forced to actually study history and learn the truth. Their belief in the fairy-tales and lies of the West are so ingrained into their psyches causing such a level of cognitive dissonance that they will fight and even destroy themselves for the illusions that they have been programmed with. Extreme counter measures are needed with first and foremost a complete and total wipe of all communications infrastructure.

LEAKS25A 7.10 Anti-Nazism Blocked by Israel, USA and Ukraine

Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. This is the real fight. Stay focused

Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices

Once Again Meet Samuel McCulloch the CIA Editor at Sputnik

Case Closed on Fake Fine

July 06, 2019 - Yesterday after going to the police traffic division office I finally received an answer to my complaint regarding the false fines I was receiving for another vehicle. What is interesting here is that Yandex was blocking access to the photographs and then there is the Podolsk connection we detailed earlier connected to MI6 asset Rimmer. Now if we could only get the video from July 2015 at Pochta Rossiya in Zhulebino, my son would be freed. The fight continues off the grid. The letter below says that the traffic fine was against me was cancelled and even apologizes for any inconvenience which was more than I had expected. It also proves that MVD was not connected with the fabrication of fines but that the company or individuals plugged into the cameras are either completely incompetent or negligent when checking fines from cameras since someone is supposed to check and sign off on such fines and it is obvious to anyone that the Skoda is NOT my vehicle.

Giving control of fines to private companies as well as privatizing any security, investigative, military or judicial functions of the government is NOT a good idea. The police in the traffic division stated that they had no control of anything related to cameras. Which revives the question: who controls the surveillance grid? Since the control of the traffic cams has now been transferred to a subsidiary of Glonass, after the publication of my fine and my sending of several letters, we can call this incident closed. However that only covers traffic cams. Security could get the videos from Pochta Rossiya in Zhulebino for July 2015 and free my son, as well as ending the Moscow Parking "Sunday fines scam" involving the media, but someone is making too much money from that so that will probably never happen. We will call this a victory for but nonetheless only a small one. This case is closed. Thank you to DPS for the just and professional response. The fight continues.    

Fascist Masonic Yandex and Racist Svyasnoi Discriminate Against Asylees

or It Turns Out Yandex is Not a Russian Company and Svyznoi Serves Murkha

July 03, 2019 - For several months I have been trying to make my Yandex account official and go through their identification process so I can use Yandex money.

It is difficult everywhere but I fought PayPal and Sberbank and others and was successful in getting them to recognize that I am a person like everyone else. However with Yandex whom I supported and actually promoted on JAR2 it has proven an impossibility. Yandex does not recognize Asylees and people with asylum or even permanent residency.

You know I fight fascists and racists so there is no way I can support Yandex any longer as their policies are fascist.

On a sub-note Yandex also downgrades all my pages and my site in search, labelling them "low quality". Low quality must be Yandex's label for non-white or non-New World Order. Interestingly Google who I hate, have called a spy tool and have documented extensively continues to maintain my site and its pages in the regional search. Sure Google has dropped me in the international searches but Yandex which is only a few hops away has downgraded me in the local searches. So the conclusion is that Yandex is another tool of the Neo-Liberals and the New World Order and is racist, fascist and does not recognize refugees or journalists who do not support the Neo-Liberal New World Order destruction of Russia.

Will I write about Yandex or extensively expose them giving them the PR they want? No. Yandex does not support JAR2 and this will be all you will hear about that.

A free Russian Internet does not mean a fascist Russian Internet. Good bye Yandex. JAR2 no longer supports you and will no longer promote you.

As for Svaysnoi? I went to their office with all of my documents which are good enough for the Government of the Russia Federation, the police, the courts, the tax authorities, legally operating employers, banks including Sberbank and everyone else in the World but not for Yandex and Svyasnoi. They refused to identify me and allow me to go through their paid identification process (300 rubles) and I asked the girl (Tuesday July 02,2019 12:50) who did not want to "identify me" if she could call her office or her client support and she looked at me as if I was a piece of shit and rudely told me no.

I repeated, "You refuse to call or help to "identify" me."

She said, "Yes, I can call but I will not."

So I called Yandex again and was kept on hold for over an hour and talked to an Ekaterina who seemed to be trying to help but in the end just sent me a support letter promising to work out my case within an hour. No more answers came. Not in an hour, not in 2 hours and not in 12 hours.

The authorization is to use Yandex money. So? We get it Yandex. You are a racist, fascist corporation controlled by the US Deep State.

Goodbye Yandex 

Later: I asked myself who owns Yandex???? I started to investigate and the answer is: the 5th column.

Later: It's funny. I used to teach English at the central office of Svyasnoi... Bunch of America lovers like alll the neo-Liberals destroying Moscow and Russia!


Яндекс перевод
Фашистские Яндекса Svyasnoi и расистской дискриминации в отношении беженцы
03 июля 2019 - уже несколько месяцев я пытаюсь сделать свой аккаунт Яндекса официальным и пройти процесс их идентификации, чтобы я мог использовать Яндекс деньги.
Это трудно везде, но я боролся c PayPal и Сбербанк и другие и был успешным в получении их признать, что я человек, как и все остальные. Однако с Яндексом, которого я поддерживал и фактически продвигал на JAR2, это оказалось невозможным. Яндекс не признает беженцев и людей с убежищем или даже тех с постоянным местом жительства. Они читает себя высшее да правительство РФ и мировая сообщество!
Вы знаете, что я борюсь с фашистами и расистами, поэтому я больше не могу поддерживать Яндекс, поскольку их политика фашистская.
На заметке Яндекс также понижает все мои страницы и мой сайт в поиске, маркируя их "низким качеством". Низкое качество должно быть ярлыком Яндекса для небелого или не Нового Мирового Порядка. Интересно, что Google, которого я ненавижу, назвал шпионским инструментом и подробно документировал, продолжает поддерживать мой сайт и его страницы в региональном поиске. Конечно, Google бросил меня в международных поисках, но Яндекс, который находится всего в нескольких прыжках, понизил меня в местных поисках. Таким образом, вывод состоит в том, что Яндекс является еще одним инструментом неолибералов и Нового Мирового Порядка и является расистским, фашистским и не признает беженцев или журналистов, которые не поддерживают разрушение России от руки неолиберального Нового Мирового Порядка.
Буду ли я писать о Яндексе или широко разоблачать их, давая им PR, который они хотят? Нет. Яндекс не поддерживает JAR2 и это все, что вы услышите об этом.
Свободный русский Интернет не означает фашистский русский интернет. До свидания Яндекс. JAR2 больше не поддерживает и не будет продвигать вас.
Что касается Svyasnoi? Я пришел в их офис со всеми моими документами, которые достаточно хороши для Правительства Российской Федерации, полиции, судов, налоговых органов, легально работающих работодателей, банков, включая Сбербанк и всех остальных в мире, но не для Яндекса и Svyasnoi. Они отказались идентифицировать меня и позволить мне пройти через их оплаченный процесс идентификации (300 рублей), и я спросил девушку (вторник июль 02,2019 12:50), которая не хотела "идентифицировать меня", может ли она позвонить в свой офис или ее клиентскую поддержку, и она посмотрела на меня, как на кусок дерьма, и грубо сказала мне нет.
Я повторил: "вы отказываетесь позвонить или помочь" идентифицировать " меня."
Она сказала: "Да, я могу позвонить, но не буду."
Поэтому я снова позвонил в "Яндекс", и меня держали в ожидании больше часа, и поговорил с Екатериной, которая, казалось, пыталась помочь, но в конце концов просто отправила мне письмо поддержки, обещая проработать мое дело в течение часа. Больше ответов не последовало. Не через час, не через 2 часа и не через 12 часов.
Авторизация заключается в использовании Яндекс денег. И что? Мы понимаем всё Яндекс. Вы-расистская, фашистская корпорация, контролируемая глубоким штатом США.
До свидания Яндекс и Svyasnoi

Later: Another fake news site is blocking JAR2 GateHouse Media LLC and imperva



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3209. Материалы: "Документ: Ответ Джону Роблесу. Епископ Павловский и Андрей (Маклаков) опровергает распространение "Голосом России" слухи о финансировании США покойного первоиерарха РПАЦ", "Интервью: Управляющий приходами РПАЦ в США архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) о тактике Церкви в условиях "битвы за мощи" в Суздале, готовности Митрополита к мученичеству, международном резонансе и покушении на сотрудников "Портала - Credo.ru", "Документ: Дискриминационные беззакония российских властей против РПАЦ доведены до сведения мировой общественности. Послание архиепископа Павловского и Рокландского Андрея, управляющими приходами РПАЦ в США", "Документ: В поддержку епископа РПЦЗ (А) Иосифа (Гребинки). Заявление епископа Павловского Андрея (Маклакова), управляющего приходами РПАЦ в США", "Интервью: Управляющие зарубежными приходами Российской Православной Автономной Церкви архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) об обстоятельствах своей депортации из России и ее возможных причинах", "Архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков): Украинцы хотят жить в свободной стране", "Обращение Преосвященного Андрея (Маклакова), епископа Павловского Русской Православной Автономной Церкви (РПАЦ)" (решение Октябрьского районного суда г. Владимира от 06.10.2015);

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My Best Student the Biggest Traitor. Helped the CIA. Got Asylum in the USA. Sold

CIA Covert Foreign Media Information Operation - Voice of Russia Wipe

Boston: 5th Column Traitors to Russia Protecting Bush/Obama/Clinton et al Crimes

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CIA Covert Foreign Media Information Operation - Voice of Russia Wipe

After a "Meeting" where baseball bats where present and being waved around and I was forced to give up my personal passwords for my private e-mails I filed a police report. The police investigators refused to open a criminal case against those who took part and they pretended is never happened.

"Liberal" 5th Column Traitors to Russia Protecting the Crimes of Bush/Obama/Clinton et al 

I investigated and exposed the Boston Bombing False Flag in Russia. The reported everyone to CIA.  


My Best Student the Biggest Traitor. Helped the CIA. Got Asylum in the USA. Sold Me and My Family. Traitor. I taught him the real meaning of Thanksgiving and he did this:




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